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The "Utility to unlock checked picking". clears all the picking details of an order thus allowing the user to make changes in the order after the 'checked picking' status had been completed.

To access the "Utility to unlock checked picking" perform the following:

1. On the Frameworks Home Page navigate to 'My Shortcuts' and click the 'add' button.

2. Click 'Close' on the pop-up select and activity to add to your shortcuts.

3. In the highlighted search box, enter UnlockPickingUtilityMain, then click "Finish".

The utility has now been added to the shortcut menu:

4. To run the utility, click on the shortcut hyperlink "Utility to unlock checked picking". User will be present with the following pop-up box:

If Check Picking has been completedIf check picking has NOT been completed

The utility to unlock checked picking will not be available if Stock By Location feature is active (FeatureLOC)

5. Enter the required details of the order you wish to unlock. Click "Un-Lock" once details entered. You will be prompted to confirm this unlock process:

Once the main order has been unlocked successfully you can go back into the utility and unlock any back orders associated with the main order.

This utility can be used for orders that reside in:

  • Enterprise Picking (when FWPKENT is active)
  • Express Pickups
  • Transfer Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Processing - including orders with assigned packs and bundle that has passed 'Check Picking' status.