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QUESTION:I have a specific customer who is not receiving any emailed invoices or statements sent via Frameworks. Is there any specific area or settings I should look at to initially troubleshoot this issue?


Frameworks uses the NuVu Printing Solution to allow customer statements and invoices to be emailed as a PDF attachment.

NuVu offers a feature where the PDF attachment that is being emailed, will include the customer account name in the PDF file name.

If the customer name contains a comma then NuVu's Named Attachment filter will fail and the email will not be sent

Check the Customer Account name via the Customer Dashboard , and if it contains a comma in the name, edit and remove it.

To edit an account customer's name and remove the comma, perform the following:

1. Via the Customer Dashboard Icon select the customer and check the account name for any commas.

In example below the customer name shows as Brown & Sons, Brewers Inc. 

2. Click the button to open the Customer Maintenance tab.

3. Remove the comma from the Customer's name, then click 'Save'.

The removal of the comma will not fix the issue for previous statements and invoices. These previous statements and invoices have stored the name including the comma. Please log a ticket with Sterland Support to have a datafix performed and the comma character removed from the customer name on these prior statements and invoices.


Contact Sterland Support.