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QUESTION:How do I build/rebuild my product sales history?


To rebuild your product sales history,, perform the following:

1. Login in to ProStix, and navigate to System Administration - Utilities - Run a Program.

2. Enter the program name fixitmh.p in the "Which Program ?" field, then press <enter>

3. Screen, as per screen capture below will be displayed. Enter the Month and year you wish to rebuild. Specify the From and To branch numbers you wish to run the rebuild for. Either filter the from/to product number or leave as default for all products. Then press <enter> to run.

4. The rebuild process can take some time to run especially if you filter it to rebuild data for multiple branches. Note: it is recommended to first run this in your demo system to get an idea of how long the rebuild will take.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each month you require the Product Sales History data rebuilt for.


Contact Sterland Support.