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When I look at the Sales history for a product, via the Frameworks Product Dashboard, how can I determine if the figures shown include or exclude internal sales ( branch transfers)?


Whether internal sales are included or excluded in sales history is determined by the system flag SalesInt. If the Flag SalesInt is active then internal sales will be omitted from sales history.

To check whether the SalesInt flag is active , perform the following:

1. Via the Frameworks Hamburger Menu select System Administration then System Tables then Miscellaneous Table Maintenance 

2. Select System Settings - Flags.

Don't have access to System Settings - Flags? Refer to the following article on how you can enable access

3. Locate the SalesInt flag and view whether it is active (ticked) or not. If required you can then change the setting, then save as required.

Please note that if you have had the SalesInt flag inactive, and you then change and save the flag to active, this does not trigger an automatic rebuild of your historical sales history.

You will need to manually rebuild the product sales history data - refer to the following link on how to manually trigger a rebuild of product sales history data.-


Contact Sterland Support.