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QUESTION:How do I enable access to the the Miscellaneous table "System Setting - Flags" ? Currently when I search under Miscellaneous Table Maintenance for system settings - flags, the search results don't show this option.


There is a specific setting under "System Settings - General" called MiscMaintExclOvr that in turn allows access to the System Setting - Flags.

The purpose of this setting is to allow general access to be given to staff to view and edit the Miscellaneous Table Maintenance option but selectively restrict them from accessing the System Setting - Flags table.

To enable access to the System Setting - Flags table via MiscMaintExclOvr , perform the following:

1. Via the Frameworks Hamburger Menu select System Administration then System Tables then Miscellaneous Table Maintenance 

2. Search and then select the System Settings - General

3. Locate MiscMaintExclOvr , then click in the Value field and add the userid you wish to grant access to.

Note: a comma needs to be added between each userid. Also ensure there are no spaces between each userid and the comma separators.

4. Click Save when you have finished adding the desired userid(s).


Contact Sterland Support.