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In Prostix POS when a new $0 Customer Account sale is processed , and the sale requires credit authorisation to proceed, the sale cannot be resumed. Instead an error message is displayed advising "Cannot resume a zero sale". How do we remove this warning and allow the sale to be resumed and completed?


In the V5.0.6 release and higher, a new system flag was introduced - PosZeroResume - with an initial default value of no.

The Release Notes for this new flag are as follows - Sterland have added a new system flag in Prostix: PosZeroResume which, when set to "No", will prevent a User from resuming a sale when the transaction being resumed has zero value in ProStix. The default value for this flag is No.

Changing the flag PosZeroResume setting to yes will allow $0 sales to be resumed in ProStix POS.

To change the system flag PosZeroResume flag to yes , perform the following:

1. From the ProStix main menu select System Administration - Configuration - Tailoring Options - Flags (Yes/No).

2. Locate the PosZeroRes flag, then press <F7> to edit /change (Note: ProStix can only display the first 10 characters of a flag Code, hence it only shows PosZeroRes rather than full flag name PosZeroResume).

3. Change the flag value to yes, then <F1> to save.

4. Staff will now be able to resume $0 Suspended POS sales in ProStix.


Contact Sterland Support.