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QUESTION:How do I apply a stocktake that includes both Pack Stock and loose items?


The Apply Stock Take program has built in logic that will allow the apply of all stock cards and all products , regardless of whether they are Pack or loose stock.

To apply the stock take that contains both Pack and loose items, perform the following:

1. From the ProStix main menu select Inventory Management - Stock Control - Stock Take - Update Inventory to display the Apply Stock Take screen.

2. Answer yes to Pack Stock, then press <enter>

3. Note that the Card No's. From and To defaults to pick up all cards and cannot be edited. Also note that the From / To Product No. defaults to pick up all products and cannot be edited.

Edit the remaining options (if required), then <F1> to apply the Stock Take.

4. The Stock Take Apply will then run and apply all products, across all Stock Cards, regardless of whether the products are Pack or loose items.


Contact Sterland Support.