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We have a POS terminal, that runs Frameworks POS and integrated EFTPOS, that appears to freeze when EFTPOS is selected as the tender type.

Customers have informed us that the transaction does hit their bank but the Frameworks POS Tendering screen doesn't update and appears to freeze. How do I fix this issue?


Integrated EFTPOS in Frameworks relies on a third party program called DosToActiveX to handle the communication to the EFTPOS pinpad.

DosToActiveX has a setting called "Wait for Receipt Removal" which when ticked, will result in the Frameworks POS tendering screen to stall and appear frozen.

This option in the DosToActiveX needs to be unchecked to then allow Frameworks to process EFTPOS tender correctly.

To uncheck the "Wait for Receipt Removal" option in DosToActiveX, perform the following:

1. Go to the Windows system tray , on the client PC that is running Frameworks and Integrated Eftpos. Locate the icon for the DosToActiveX software, then click to open the Settings screen.

In Windows the System Tray is located next to the Clock (in bottom right hand corner of the screen). Click the Icon to then display the programs , including DosToActiveX , which are running in background.

Using the mouse hover over the DosToActiveX Icon then click to open

2. The Settings page for DosToActiveX will be displayed. Locate the "Wait for Receipt Removal" option, remove the tick then click the 'Apply' button.


Contact Sterland Support.