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QUESTION:I have a number of till reconciliations that have not been posted to update the GL bank account. I would like to back date these postings so the entries in the GL Bank account appear under the correct date and period. This will then help to streamline the bank reconciliation process. How do I do this?


To back date the till rec posting to GL, perform the following:

1. From the Frameworks "Hamburger" menu select Sales -Till Reconciliation & Banking - Multiple Till Banking.

2. Select the Till(s) you wish to Bank, then click the button.

3. The Bank Till Session pop up screen will be displayed. Change the Banking Date (defaults to todays' date) to the desired date. Then click the button.

4. The result from above steps will be that the posting, in the nominated GL Bank account, will show in the required period.


Contact Sterland Support.