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In Prostix Product Maintenance under More Data, if I press <F1>, a second page comes up with an option called 'Services Product'. What is the purpose of Services Product? Can this second page be configured to not always display?


What is the purpose of the Services Product option?

The Services Product flag acts as a tag for those products that will be used to produce a Sundry invoice (typically charges for fuel, hotel receipts and other sundry charges).

The Services Product field then acts as a filter option in the Scheduled Invoice Send module (both Frameworks and ProStix).

Any Invoice, that contains a Services Product, is treated as a Sundry Invoice.

Sundry Invoices will only be included in the Invoice Batch Print, if the option "Print Sundry Invoices" is set to yes.

Note that the default for "Print Sundry Invoices" is always no (both Frameworks and ProStix).

Can the Services Product option in more data be turned off so the second page doesn't display in the ProStix More Data screen?

No - there is no configuration that will stop the display of the second page of the ProStix More Data options.

Note that this is not an issue in the equivalent Frameworks screen as all options, including the Services Product option, can be displayed a single page:


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