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QUESTION:A customer payment has been received, then incorrectly allocated to the wrong Invoice. How can I remove that allocation and then re-allocate to the correct Invoice?


To remove an incorrect customer allocation then re-allocate to the correct invoice(s), perform the following:

1. Create a $0.00 payment that can then be picked up and used to house keep the customer account.

a) From the Hamburger icon select Receivables - Transaction Processing - Customer Payments.

b) Click the 'New' button , for new payment. Enter the relevant customer number, leave payment as $0.00, then click the 'Tendering' button.

c) The Tendering screen will be displayed. Select Tender type as cash, and leave amount as $0.00. Then click 'Pay'.

d) The Warning message "Payment is zero, please confirm this is correct". Click Yes - Perform Save.

2. Via the Customer Payments tab, search and select the $0.00 Payment as created in step 1.

3. Select the Invoice that was incorrectly allocated to and under "Payment Amount" enter the negative amount that will reverse that allocation then press <Tab> to save the entry.

Example below shows invoice 13432 selected and the amount entered as -150.00.

4. The Header of the payment allocation screen now shows the amount available to allocate to the other invoice(s). Select the correct invoice(s). The Payment Amount will automatically update to the correct value. Once the allocation is fully allocated click save to complete.

Example below shows that invoice 13434 selected to re-allocate the $150.00 value to. Also the Header message has been updated to state "The payment is fully allocated, click Save to complete".

5. A check on the Customer Account's open transactions, via the Customer Dashboard, will now show the invoices Balances updated.


Contact Sterland Support.