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I am raising a new Purchase Order and when I go to the Product Finder the search results column titled 'Qty On P/O' does not include recently raised purchase orders for the same product. What setting or configuration do I need to look at to ensure the Qty On P/O value reflects all current Purchase Orders, even recently raised ones?

In example below the product code 1341981 shows 0 Qty On P/O even though there is an existing order for this item.


The Product Finder's Qty On P/O figure relies on a scheduled background task QtyOnOrder to run and update the figures for Qty On P/O

A typical schedule for the task QtyOnOrder runs every hour, on the half hour, between 6 AM and 5 PM

To update the schedule frequency for the QtyOnOrder task, perform the following:

1. Login in to ProStix, then via menu options System Services - Tasks display the Scheduled Tasks screen.

2. Locate and highlight the QtyOnOrder Task ID, then press <F12>

Press <F8> when in the Scheduled Tasks screen filter and only show Active tasks. Note <F8> can then be pressed again to show all tasks

3. The Schedule Task screen will be displayed. Edit the schedule as required, then <F1> to save and close. Ensure the task is now set to "Current".


Contact Sterland Support.