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QUESTION:I have a large number of existing product codes that I need to update their product information. Is there a way that I can mass import the product info and therefore save time?


An Information Import exists in ProStix. By default it expects the filename prod_info.csv with the following data format:

product code, line 1 comment, line 2 comment, line 3 comment, line 4 comment, line 5 comment, line 6 comment, line 7 comment, line 8 comment, line 9 comment, line 10 comment

The product code is limited to 15 characters maximum

Each comment line is limited to 40 characters maximum

A sample prod_info.csv file can be downloaded via the following link:


Once you have the prod_info.csv file created and ready, save it across to the Linux production server that hosts ProStix and save it under the /prostix/dmp directory

Note: Most customers have a Windows Mapped Network drive that points to the /prostix/dmp directory so can either drag and drop or copy and paste the file to /prostix/dmp

To import the prod_info.csv file, perform the following:

1. Select menu options System Administration - Utilities - System File Imports - Product Info Import . Press <F1> to run the import.

2. The import will run and when completed the screen will return to the System File Imports menu

The File Location will by default be populated with /prostix/dmp/prod_info.csv

The File location can be edited if filename is different or the path to the file is different to the default.


Contact Sterland Support.