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QUESTION:I have been adding new products to the Product Master File (PMF) via the EPC stock update option Mass Load to Stock. However when I go to search for these new products in Frameworks, they are not showing on my search results. Is there an option in the EPC stock update process that I am missing?


Frameworks product searches rely on the products to have a branch record, to then allow these products to be found and returned in any search results.

There is an option in the EPC Stock Update process that ensures these branch records are created when products are added to the PMF via the Mass Load to Stock option.

To ensure that products, created via a mass load from the EPC stock update option, also have a branch record created, perform the following:

1. In ProStix go to Electronic Trade Module - Supplier Interface - EPC Stock Update.

2. Enter/Select the Supplier code and answer 'yes' to the Mass Load to Stock option. Adjust any other filters as required, then <F1> to continue

3. The "EPC Load Parameters" screen will be displayed. Add the "Branch to Update" number then ensure the Add Brn Recs (Add Branch Records) is set to yes. Then <F1>

4. Adjust any other parameters , if required, then <F1> to run the Mass Load to Stock

5.The process will complete. The new products will be added and can then be searched for in Frameworks.


Contact Sterland Support.