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QUESTION:I have a Supplier in Frameworks that has a Credit note listed under Open transactions. The Supplier in question has deposited the credit amount directly to our bank account via a direct debit transfer. How do I clear the credit note out of the Suppliers open transactions so it doesn't accidentally get picked up in the next payment batch and effectively get processed twice?


To remove the Supplier Credit Note transaction, perform the following:

  1. Process an expense supplier invoice in Frameworks for relevant supplier. (allocate the expense to any of your current suspense/clearing GL accounts), then complete and post. Refer to Processing Supplier Expense Invoices
  2. Log into ProStix, then via menu shortcuts Accounts Payable - Transaction Processing - Invoice Maintenance, and select the relevant supplier.  
  3. When transactions for the supplier are displayed, press <F8> to bring up the "Remove Matched Invoices" screen
  4. Using the <spacebar> select the credit note and the invoice as created in step 1, then <F1> to complete the match and remove the transactions.
  5. a) If the ProStix Ebanking module is used, and the statement, containing the payment from the relevant supplier has been imported then locate this bank statement entry via General Ledger - Transaction Processing - Bank Statements, then select Ebanking-Reconciliation, and change it to a type '4' G/L journal processing code.

Allocate it to the same suspense /clearing account that was used for the expense invoice in Step 1 , then post.


b) If the ProSix Ebanking module is not used, then process a general journal (refer to Journal Entry) between the G/L bank account and the same suspense /clearing account that was used for the expense invoice in Step 1.


Contact Sterland Support.