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QUESTION:It has been noticed since the transition to Frameworks POS, that we are now seeing a large number of text files being created in our /prostix/dmp directory. All the files begin with the word tender followed by a number string e.g tender04288448.txt. What is the purpose of these files? Should they be saved to the /prostix/dmp directory? Is there a way to stop these files from being created?


The tender*.txt files are a debugging tool and meant for troubleshooting purposes if and when issues arise in Frameworks POS. There is no configuration to stop these files being created by each Frameworks POS transaction - rather the files should go to the correct directory, to be stored for any potential troubleshooting purposes, then auto purged after a few days.

These files should be saved to the /prostix/tmp rather than /prostix/dmp directory - refer to the process below on how to set the correct file path.

To set the correct save path for the tender*.txt files , perform the following:

1. From the Hamburger icon select System Administration - System Tables - Miscellaneous Table Maintenance

2. Search and select the option System Settings - General

3. Locate the code SysTempDir. Set the value for this code to /prostix/tmp then save.

All tender*.txt files will now be saved to /prostix/tmp and before being purged after a few days.


Contact Sterland Support.