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When I attempt to add multiple screen shots to my ticket I am seeing an issue where the first screen shot is duplicated, rather than showing 2 separate screen shots. How do I overcome this so I can then add multiple screen shots?

See an example of this issue below where two separate screen shots have been attached but only show the first screen shot duplicated


This is a known issue in JIRA and is slated for a future fix by Atlassian (the supplier of the JIRA support desk software)

Underlying cause of the issue is where the various screen shots being added all have the same file name (e.g three separate screen shots are attached but all three have the filename image.png)

Below are suggested workarounds till that time when Atlassian resolve this issue

1. Use a screen capture tool that saves each screen shot with a unique filename.

2. Copy and paste the multiple screen shots into a word document, then save and attach the word document to the ticket


Contact Sterland Support.