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QUESTION:I would like to purge Customer Delivery Addresses from Frameworks. Is there an option or task that can be set up to do this?


To purge Customer Delivery Addresses, perform the following:

1. From the Frameworks "Hamburger" menu select Sales -Scheduled Tasks - Customer Delivery Addresses Purge

2. Under the "Report Criteria" add the number value for the number of days since a customer delivery address was used. Any delivery addresses that have been unused for the specified number of days will then get purged as and when the task runs. Then tick the 'Purge' option

3. Click the Schedule tab and then add the frequency and date/time you would like this purge to run. In the example below the frequency has been set to daily and start time set as 05/12/18 at 20:07 (8:07 PM) via the Date Picker icon.


Schedule your purges to run outside of normal trading hours so they will not impact the system

4. Click the button. A message will be displayed advising "Your task has been submitted. Any report(s) can be retrieved from the Activity Task View once the submitted task has completed"

The task can then be viewed under the Task Scheduler Queue option in Frameworks. If required the task can be removed via the icon.

Clicking on the Task name will display the Task Details.


Contact Sterland Support.