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I have a customer account where the current aged period shows as 500.00 owing and the 30 day aged shows as -500.00. How do I get the amounts in the current aged period and the 30 day aged period matched off and back to 0.00?


There is no action required. The aged balances correctly reflect the transactions for the current and 30 day periods.

As and when the next Debtors Month EOM roll is performed all aged balances will be recalculated to show the correct balances for each period. Therefore the current amounts in the current and 30 day periods will be removed.

What if AR reporting is done on a weekly basis and I want to adjust the aged balances for that reporting?

The answer to your question is to:

1. Log in to ProStix, then navigate to Accounts Receivable - Customer Maintenance and select the customer you wish to update.

2. Select the option Credit Info, then at the options menu select Aged Balances.

3. The Aged Balances screen will be displayed. Adjust the Current and 30 Days balances back to 0.00, then <F1> to save.

4. Note: The Aged Balances screen does not allow adjustments where the total of the aged balances do not equal the total due. If the adjustments do not equal balance due then on save the error message "Age Periods do not = Amount Due" will be displayed. The Operator will be forced to enter on the message and then go back and adjust the balances to equal Amount Due.

Please note that any manual adjustments made to a customer's Aged Balances will be removed when the next Debtors EOM roll is performed.

As noted at the top of this FAQ , unless there are specific reporting requirements, Aged Balances do not need to be manually adjusted as the Debtors EOM roll will recalculate them on a monthly basis.


Contact Sterland Support.