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QUESTION:I am noticing a number of $0 suspended cash sales in Frameworks. How are these transactions being created? Is there a way I can delete these transactions in mass?


The $0 cash sales are created when an operator starts a new sale, then decides they do not want to proceed with the transaction. Instead of clicking the Void button the operator instead clicks the Cancel button. This then leaves the $0 suspended sale behind and sitting in the suspended sales list.

Option 1 - Enable each sale to be manually resumed and then edited or deleted.

1. From the Frameworks Hamburger menu select System Administration then System Tables then Miscellaneous Table Maintenance

2. Enter flag into the "Table" search field, then click Find. Click on System Settings - Flags


3. On the right hand side of the Miscellaneous Table Maintenance tab use the filter at the top of the Code column to locate the flag PosZeroResume and ensure it is ticked and active.

4. You will now be able to go into the Point of Sale screen, and via the Resume Sale option, select any $0 sale and then edit or delete as required.


Option 2 - Enable the task ClearTrans , that will remove all $0 sales on a scheduled basis.

1. Login to ProStix, then select System Services then Tasks
2. Locate and highlight the ClearTrans task, and if Status shows as disabled, then press <F7> status

3. The "Schedule Task" screen will be displayed. Set the Recurrence Period to day, then press <enter>

4. Set the "Time(s) of Day" to a time that falls outside of normal trading hours (and that will not clash with the nightly database shutdown and back up)

In example below the "Time(s) of Day" has been set to 1800. Then press <enter> to continue

5. The "Next Run Date" will be updated to today's date. The "Next Run Time" will be updated to be the same as the "Time(s) of Day" setting. <F1> to save and exit

6. The Scheduled Tasks screen will be displayed. Ensure the Cleartrans task now shows as current.

What Logic is used by the ClearTrans task when purging $0 suspended sales.

The task first checks to see if there are any product lines on the suspended sale. If there are product lines then the transaction is skipped and not purged.

If there are no product lines on the suspended sale then the Cleartrans task then checks the transaction status.

If transaction has status O (for order) then the task next checks if the customer number attached to the transaction is 0 (zero)

if the customer number is 0, then the task checks if the date is less than today

If the order is dated yesterday or older, then the task deletes the transaction.

What If I dont have the ClearTrans task defined in my Scheduled Tasks screen

The ClearTrans task was released as part of the v2.08 release (Ref FWKS-3695)

If the upgrade process has not installed this task then a utility program - insucleartrn.p - can be run via ProStix menu shortcuts A/5/6 (Run a Program) to install this task.


Contact Sterland Support.