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QUESTION:I have a supplier set up with a 2.5% settlement discount if the invoice is paid 14 days from the Invoice date. However there are a few selected invoices from this supplier where they have quoted special pricing and therefore do no offer the settlement discount. How can I remove the settlement discount on these invoices before then paying them?


To remove the settlement discount on selected supplier invoices, perform the following:

1. From the Frameworks "Hamburger" icon select Payables then Transaction Processing then Invoice Maintenance to display the Invoice Maintenance tab.  

2. On the left hand side of the screen select the company , then enter or search for the desired supplier. If known you can also specify the supplier invoice number , then click the button

3. A list of the supplier's invoices will then be listed in the search results. Click on the Invoice you wish to adjust the settlement discount for.

4. The Invoice details will appear in the right hand side of the tab. Go to the option "Take Discount", untick, then 'Save'.

When the amended supplier invoice then gets picked up in a payment batch, the discount dollar amount will show as 0.00


Contact Sterland Support.