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QUESTION:I am having issues where some products are not appearing in the Frameworks Product Finder search. How can I rebuild the Frameworks Search Index to include those products?


Please perform the below process after normal trading hours have ceased, otherwise you will impact Staff on the system who are trying to search for products.

Also consider the system flag FWProdBarSrch - Include Barcodes on product text search. If you want Barcodes included in the Frameworks Search then please ensure the flag FWProdBarSrch is active before running the process outlined below.

To rebuild the Frameworks Product Search Index, perform the following:

  1. Select ProStix menu options System Administration then Utilities then Run a Program
  2. Enter insutextsrch.p in the "Which Program?" field, then press <enter>
  3. The utility program insutextsrch.p will run and when completed the screen will refresh and return you to the Utilities main menu

    There is no way to give an estimate on how long this process may take to run - it will depend on the current Product File Size.
    Test in demo first (this can be done in normal trading hours and will have no impact on overall system performance.
    Time taken in demo will give you a guide as to how long the same process will take to run in your Live database.


Contact Sterland Support.