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I have applied an EPC update to my Product Master file with a future date, to then create future price rise records. My supplier has since advised that the future price rise in not going ahead.

How do I remove these future price rises from Frameworks?


To remove the future price rise records, perform the following:

  1. Select ProStix menu options System Administration then Utilities then Run a Program
  2. Enter fixfuture.p in the "Which Program?" field, then press <enter>

3. Enter the future price date that you wish to remove. Answer yes to Reset Std, Reset Branch and Reset Supplier. Add the supplier code for the supplier that the future price rise applies to.

Then press <enter> to continue

4. Type y (for yes) if you wish to continue when prompted with the following message:

This program will read thru the product master file and initialise all future prices and future costs for 01/12/18. 
Branch and supplier future costs/prices will be reset if selected.
Continue ?

5. The utility program will then run, and when completed, return you to the main Utilities menu


Contact Sterland Support.