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This task will copy comments from ProStix tables and move them to the required Frameworks tables for all quotes and orders. After copying, comments will then be removed from ProStix tables.


From My Shortcuts click the button. Use the button to close the "Select an Activity to add to your shortcuts" pop up box, then enter CopyOrderQuoteCommentsSched into the search field.

Click to add the Copy Order/Quote Comments scheduled task to the Shortcuts menu.

2Click on the Shortcut Copy Order/Quote Comments to load the Copy order/Quote Comments scheduled task.
3Confirm that the Branch to Process field is populated with the session's branch.

Tick the Copy Comments box to copy all Quote/Order comments from ProStix to Frameworks, and remove the comments from ProStix.

When Copy Comments box is unticked , only a report of copied comments is generated but no actual comments are copied into Frameworks. 




Once the task has completed, two reports are generated: .CSV and .HTML file

Both reports will list all successful comments created or appended to the Frameworks Quote/Order when Copy Comments box was ticked eg:

If the Copy Comments box was unticked, only a report listing the comments to be copied over is generated, and no Quote/Order comments are copied to Frameworks and remain on the ProStix Quotes/Orders.