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When a weighbridge ticket has been invoiced in error, a User is able to reverse/credit the ticket.

To reverse the weighbridge ticket that has been invoiced, perform the following:

1. Select Central Allocations - Weighbridge Ticket View from the Frameworks navigation tree.

2. Type the appropriate dates into the Start Delivery Date and End Delivery Date fields to search for the weighbridge ticket.

3. Click the appropriate Ticket Number hyperlink link display weighbridge ticket details.

4. Click .

5. Pop up screen will prompt to confirm reversal of the weighbridge ticket. Click  to confirm.

(info) Cash Sales cannot be reversed. The button will not be available to select for cash sales.

6. Search for the Ticket number again to confirm the weighbridge ticket status is updated with the status code 'Pending Reverse'

Note: When the consolidated invoice is ran the credit for this ticket will be processed.

7. Once the  Central Allocations Scheduled Task has been run the reversal will be processed. The ticket will now be updated to status code 'Reversed' within the Weighbridge Ticket Entry screen. The ticket now have a new invoice number and the prices, weight and tare will be changed to negative values.

(info) Once a weighbridge ticket has been reversed, it cannot be "Un-reversed". A new weighbridge ticket will need to be created. Refer to Central Allocations - Creating a Weighbridge Ticket for further information.