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We have many suppliers that have multiple email addresses. We set the main email address for the supplier as their accounts department email address. That way, when we produce and email the payment remittance advices, they go to this accounts email address. However when we raise and then email purchase orders to the same supplier , they tend to have a different "sales" email address. is there a way that we can set up the "sales" email address as the default email address when sending purchase orders?


To set up a supplier default email address for sending Purchase Orders, perform the following:

Step 1: Create the "sales" email address under the Supplier Maintenance Addresses option

1. Via Supplier Maintenance select the Supplier, then go to the tab option
2.Either select an existing address and click modify, then alter the Email address to be the desired "sales" email address


click the button and fill out required details including the "sales" email address

In the example below Supplier "Cootamundra Football Club" has Address number 1 set up with the email address

Link the Address to the relevant Branch Shipping Terms

1. Via Supplier Maintenance select the Supplier, then go to the tab.

2. Click the button

3. Via the drop down selector choose the branch number

4. Via the Delivery Address No. field click the icon to then display the Supplier Delivery Address Finder. Click on the address which contains the desired "sales" email address

In example below Branch 10 has been set to use Supplier Delivery address 1 (which has the email address set as

4. Add freight and basis if required (note both fields are optional), then click save


As and when purchase orders are now raised for the Branch, the Branch Shipping terms will bring in the desired "sales" email address (as per the linked Addresses setup).

In screen print example below a Purchase order for Supplier Code COOTAU has been raised for branch 10. When the is taken, and Output Type is set to E-mail, the default email address is shown as


Contact Sterland Support.