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When I click my desktop short cut to run PuTTy and login to Prostix i get a configuration screen as per the screen print below. Is there a way I can configure PuTTy so that it skips this configuration screen and take me straight to the login prompt ?


Yes. You can configure PuTTy to bypass the initial "configuration" screen

To bypass the PuTTy configuration screen , perform the following:

1. Go to the Windows Desktop, locate the PuTTy shortcut icon then right click to display menu and select Properties

Note: the PuTTy shortcut icon is normally renamed as Prostix - as per screen print below.

2. The Properties box will be displayed. Look at the target setting - in example below it is set to C:\putty\putty.exe

3. Add the following text immediately after the current Target setting

-load "prostix"

Then click 'Apply'

4. Test by double left clicking the updated shortcut icon. you will now bypass the PuTTy configuration screen and instead see the intial login screen


Contact Sterland Support.