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QUESTION:When we receive deliveries from the Mitre 10 warehouse these deliveries can comprise several different purchase orders. We have found that the staff who scan and receipt these items via the PDA are sometimes scanning products onot the incorrect purchase order number. Is there a setting that will stop products from another purchase order being scanned and added to the receipt?


The answer is yes. There is a system flag - PDAProdVfy - which when set to yes will verify if the product(s) scanned exist on the nominated purchase order or not.

To set the system flag PDAProdVfy to yes, perform the following:

1. Via the Frameworks Hamburger menu search for then select the Miscellaneous Table Maintenance option


2.Search for System Flags and click

3. From the search results click on System Settings - Flags

4. Enter PDAProdVfy into the filter for the column, you will then see the PDAProdVfy flag displayed

5. Tick the flag , then click


Contact Sterland Support.