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QUESTION:Our company has recently closed one branch and opened a new branch. The new branch is now set up and trading in Frameworks. We want to keep the old branch for reporting and enquiry purposes but restrict access to only a select few senior staff members. How can we achieve this?


There are a number of ways that the access to the closed branch can be restricted to a few users

Option 1: Restrict Via Userid Branch Level Access

1.  Via the Hamburger menu select System Administration then Users & Security then System User Maintenance to display the System User Maintenance tab.

2. Select the userid you wish to restrict

3. Locate the option "Branch List Restricted" then tick this option.

4. Locate the option Multi Branch. then ensure this option is unticked.

5. Locate the option Branch List. Enter the branch numbers that you want this User ID to be able to see in Frameworks. Use a comma to separate the different branch numbers.

In example below User ID cath has been selected.

The Option "Branch List Restricted?" has been ticked.

The Option "Multi Branch?" has been unticked.

The "Branch List" has been set as 10,11,12,13,15

Then click

In practice, when the User ID cath next logs into Frameworks, they will only be able to see and select those branches that appear in their User ID Branch List. In example below User ID cath has gone into the Sales Orders tab and selected the Branch drop down list. The Only branches they can select from are those branches set up in their User ID branch List

Option 2: Restrict branch access via Zone

1. Via the Hamburger Icon navigate to System Administration then System Tables then Miscellaneous Table Maintenance

2. Search and select System - Branch Sales Zones

3. Click the button and create a new zone that will be used for Closed and/or Inactive Branches

In example below a new zone, ZZ001, has been created with Description Closed Branch

4. Via the Hamburger Icon navigate to System Administration then User & Security then select System User Maintenance

5. Locate the Multi Zone? option and tick to enable, then click

5. Via the Hamburger Icon navigate to System Administration then System Tables then select Branch Maintenance.

6. Update the Sales Zone, for the closed or inactive branch, to the Zone as set up in Step 3.

In practice only those User ID's who have Multi Zone ticked will be allowed to select and view details for the closed Branch. Conversely any User ID that has Multi Zone unticked will only be allowed to view those Branches that have the same Sales Zone as specified on that User ID's set up.


Contact Sterland Support.