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Error Msg: Lock Table overflwo, increase -L on server (915)


The Lock table is a database setting that determines how many records can be "locked" for editing at the same time

Its purpose is to stop a process from locking to many records and causing performance issues with the database.

This error is typically only seen when a large mass update (e.g Stock Take Freeze Quantities) is run in ProStix

In example below a stock freeze has been run for all branches and all products and resulted in the Lock table overflow error message


The following process should only be performed by an experienced system administrator who is comfortable with the Linux command line and the Linux text editor vi.

Any alteration to the database parameter file should be discussed with Sterland tech Support as to what the -L setting should be changed to. to then avoid the Lock table overflow error.

To resolve this issue, perform the following:

1.  From the Promenu take option 10 to drop back to the Linux operating system command line

2. Change into the /prostix/bat directory

cd /prostix/bat then <enter>

3. Using the vi text editor open the appropriate parameter file.


Note each data base has its own parameter file. Typical ProStix install should have a , and as a minimum

In example below all pf files in the /prostix/bat directory have been listed.

4. Navigate to the -L (Lock Table) setting, then edit as required

<Esc> + <i> to put vi in edit mode, then add required values

In example below navigated to the -L value using the keyboard arrow keys, then <esc> + <i> to go into add mode. Then added a 0 to change the value from 30000 to 300000 , then <esc> to exit add mode

Type :wq! to write and quit the vi editor. A message will then be displayed confirming that your changes have been written to the file

5. Type exit, then press <enter> to leave the Linux command line and return to the Promenu. Then stop the relevant database (standard promenu option is 19).

Warning. Ensure that all users have saved their work and logged out of ProStix before completing this step. If this process is being done on a Live Production Server then the stop must be done only when normal trading has ceased and all users are logged out.

6. Take the Promenu option to Start the database (standard promenu option is 18)

The stop / start of the database is to drop the original parameter file settings out of memory. The start will reload the parameter file settings to memory, including the new increased -L setting.