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QUESTION:When customers send emails from the Trade Portal, is there any way to change the From address ?



You will need to go into ProStix and determine which userid is set as the AdminUser. This userid's email address will then be the one used in the From address for any emails generated via the Trade Portal.

You can either change the AdminUser to another userid, that has the email you desire to see populated in the From address


You can update the email address on the current AdminUser userid to the desired email address you wish to see in the "From" address.

To check what your current AdminUser setting is , perform the following:

1. From the ProStix main menu select "System Administration" -"Configuration" -"Tailoring Options" -"Codes  (Characters)"

In example below the AdminUser is set to userid master


2. If you wish to change the AdminUser value to another userid, <F7> to edit, <tab> to move cursor to the Value field, then type in the new userid. Once completed <F1> to save.

To change the email address associated with the AdminUser userid , perform the following:

1. From the ProStix main menu select "System Administration" - "Security" - "Define Users" to display the User Security Options menu. 

2. Select the option Define Users then press <enter>

3. Either type in the user-id, or , use <F3> to search and select from the list of current defined user-id's, then <enter> to continue

4. The "Modify User" screen will be displayed. Use the <enter> key to navigate to the E-Address field. Then enter the new desired email address. Then <F1>

5. The "New E-Address Display Name" screen will be displayed. Enter the desired Display Name, then <F1>

6. Continue pressing <F1> to cycle through the other Modify user screens till you are returned to the Define Users screen. Then use <F4> to exit back to the main menu.


Contact Sterland Support.