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QUESTION:There are instances where COD customers have multiple invoices and orders waiting for payment. When the customer comes in to pay, is there a way that the payment can be allocated to each individual order and/or invoice being paid ?


There is a flag setting that will allow the payment to be allocated across a range of outstanding orders and/or invoices for the COD customer.

the flag in question is called PosCodPmtA

To enable the PosCodPmtA flag, perform the following:

1. From the ProStix Main menu select "System Administration" - "Configuration" - "Tailoring Options" - "Flags  (Yes/No)" to display the Miscellaneous Flags screen.  

2.Locate and highlight the PosCodPmtA flag, then via <F7> change the flag value to yes.

To process a payment to a COD customer and allocate across multiple orders and/or invoices perform the following:

1. From the ProStix main menu select 'Point of Sale" - "Till Operations" - "Cash Receipt" - "Account Payment". Search and select the COD customer you wish to process the payment for.  

2. The Payment screen will be displayed. Enter the payment amount then your operator number, then press <enter> to continue

3. The screen focus will switch to the Invoices/Orders Outstanding section. Select the orders and/or invoices that are going to be paid, then press <F7> to open the Paid amount field and enter the payment amount. There is also an option to apply discount if required. Once finished <F1> to save and close.

4. Continue allocating the payment till fully allocated. Then press the <F8> Finish option.

5. The "End Sale" tender screen will be displayed. Enter the appropriate tender method, then <F1> to finish.


Contact Sterland Support.