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QUESTION:It has been noticed in the Stock Movements report on some products, that orders released to invoice are triggering a re-averaging of the cost. We need to understand what is causing this and how to prevent it so the average cost is not changed.


The issue is due to a system flag setting - OrdSBuyRet (Retain special buy-in costs regardless for purchasing) - being set to yes.

As and when the Sales Order is raised the special buy in flag is assigned to product lines on the order, when the order is released the flag OrdSBuyRet is honoured and the invoice cost is the special buy-in cost, rather than the branch average cost for that product.

Set the flag OrdSBuyRet to NO to ensure that at order release the branch average cost is retained rather than the special buy-in cost.

To Set the flag OrdSBuyRet to no, perform the following:

1. From the Frameworks Hamburger menu select System Administration then System Tables then Miscellaneous Table Maintenance (or search on Miscellaneous Table Maintenance via Hamburger search option) 

2. Enter flag in the Table search field, then click

3. Search Results will list System Tables - Flags in the left hand Tables window. Click this hyperlink to list Flags details in the Right hand window

4. Locate the code OrdSBuyRet and then Uncheck the Flag. Then click

Tip. Enter the flag name into the filter field to display the flag you wish to view and/or edit. In example below OrdSBuyRet has been entered directly into the filter option , found directly below the Column heading Code.


Contact Sterland Support.