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QUESTION:I have a Supplier set up in Frameworks and in their trading terms the Discount % is set to 0.00. I have a "one off" invoice where the Supplier is offering a settlement discount for early payment. How do I mark that invoice to pick up the settlement discount when I pay it via Frameworks?


To update the discount % on a supplier invoice, perform the following:

1. From the Frameworks Hamburger Menu select Payables then Transaction Processing then Invoice Maintenance (or enter Invoice Maintenance in the Hamburger search field)

2. Search and select the relevant supplier code to list the current outstanding invoices

3. Select the relevant invoice to display details, then via the Header tab enter the Discount Override % then click

In the event the discount being given is a flat dollar amount , enter this amount in the Discount Override $ field. Just note that it is an either/or setting. Either enter a Discount Override % or a Discount Override $ value, it cannot be both.


Contact Sterland Support.