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QUESTION:I am wanting to force all current ProStix users to change their passwords. Is there a way i can force the users to change their password?


The following article relies on the ProStix system flag syslog (Use Unix sign-on to bypass ProStix sign-on) to be set to NO.

If the flag syslog is set to yes, then you will not be able to enforce users to change their current password.

Ensure that the relevant Security Groups have the Stop Password Expiry flag set to no.

1. From the ProStix main menu select "System Administration" then "Security" then "Define User Groups" to display the "Security Groups" screen.

2. Review the Security Groups displayed, and ensure the Stop Password Expiry flag is set to no where required. If required, use <F7> option to change the flag.

Ensure that all staff have access to the option that will allow them to "Change Your Password" (this option accessed via ProStix menu shortcuts A/2/9). Note that the program name for this option is sys250.p

1. From the ProStix main menu select "System Administration" then "Security" then "Program Security" to display the "Select Security Group" screen. Select the appropriate Group Description, then press <enter>

2.The Program list, for the selected Group, will be displayed. Check and ensure that program sys250.p is included in the list

3. In the event that the Program List doesn't list sys250.p, press <F6> to bring up the Program Selection screen, then highlight sys250.p and press the <spacebar> to select it. Then <F1> to add sys250.p to the Program List

4. Be sure to repeat above steps for each and every Program Security Group

Set the frequency (in days) that you wish the users to be forced to change their password

1. From the ProStix main menu select "System Administration" then "Configuration" then "System Control File" then "Site Details" to display the "System Control Values" screen

2. Adjust the Password Expiry setting to the number of days before a user will be forced to change their password

As and when a user then logs in they will receive a warning message advising "Warning - Your password will expire in 1 days"

They can press enter on the warning message, then navigate to Change Your Password and change their password

Note: In the event that the user is away in the days leading up to and including the password expiry setting, they will find that their password has expired and they cannot login to ProStix.

The user will need to contact the onsite System Administrator to manually change their password.

The System Administrator will need to select "System Administration" then "Security" then "Define Users" to display the "Define Users" screen. The System Administrator will then enter the userid for the staff member whose password has expired, then manually enter a new password.


Contact Sterland Support.