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QUESTION:I have sales transactions where I want to check the General Ledger postings associated with them. Is there a way I can specify the transaction number then view its linked GL postings?


Yes. There is a specific ProStix utility program, called glshow.p, that will allow you to enter the transaction number and then view the GL postings associated with it.

To view a transaction's GL postings , perform the following:

1. From the ProStix main menu go to "System Administration" then "Utilities" then "Run a Program" to display the "Run a Program" screen

2. Enter glshow.p in the "Which Program ?" field, then press <enter> to run

3. The "Show G/L Transactions" filter options will be displayed. Enter the appropriate Company number (default is 01) the transaction date, and transaction number, then <F1> to run.

4. A report will be printed to screen showing the GL postings associated with the transaction number specified in step 3.

Note: If the report results are more than can be displayed on the initial screen, press the <spacebar> to continue scrolling through the report.


Contact Sterland Support.