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QUESTION:When a scheduled invoice send task coincides with a calendar month end, the task will only send those invoices whose dates fall in the new calendar month. Those invoices that are dated on the last few days of the previous calendar month are not included in the invoice send. How do I get the scheduled task to include all invoices in the week, both in the current and previous month


This was a known limitation in the scheduling frequency option "Weekly" where it will only consider invoices which fall in the current calendar month. A change was made and released in Version 5.2 to address this limitation (ref FWKS-6483). A new filter flag was added into the Scheduled Task configuration screen called "Only send current period". This filter can be set to either yes or no. If set to yes then the scheduled invoice send task will only include invoices in the current debtors period. If set to no then the scheduled invoice task will include invoices that fall in the previous debtors period. 

To change the "Only send current period" flag to no , perform the following:

1. From the ProStix main menu take menu options "Accounts Receivable" then "Invoices & Statements" then "Scheduled Invoice Send" to display the "Scheduled Customer Invoice Print" screen.


2. Select the task that you want to consider invoices outside the current debtor's period, then press <F7> to display the Scheduled Invoice Print configuration screen.

3. The Scheduled Invoice Print configuration screen will be displayed. Navigate down to the "Only send current period" flag and change to no. Then <F1> to save and close


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