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When trying to run a NuVu Query report via the Nuvu Runtime Tool, I am seeing the following error message "The advised usercode (USERNAME) or password is not valid"


The error message indicates that the userid and/or password entered is not correct or has not been defined in the NuVu Query Repository tool


If the staff member wanting access to the NuVu Runtime Tool is also set up with a UserID in Frameworks, perform the following:

1. In Frameworks select/search the option System User Maintenance

2. Select the UserID you wish to grant access to NuVu Query.

3. Tick the option "Can Run Query Reports?" then click 'Save'

4. The UserID and password will be saved across and stored in the NuVu Query Repository tool under the Users tab

5. The staff member will then be able to run reports via the NuVu Runtime Tool after they have entered their credentials.

If the staff member wanting access is not set up with a UserID in Frameworks, perform the following

1. Access the NuVu Query Repository and manually add the user - refer to the NuVu Query Repository Help file for this process. -


To access the NuVu Query Repository Program can be Found in the Query install folder - a typical installation will be saved to C:\Prostix\Query on older customer sites and

C:\Query on more recent installs

The program name is dbRepository.exe - double click to run

When the NuVu Query Repository is displayed go to the Help drop down menu, then select the option Help

When the Query Repository Tool help file displays navigate to the Users topic and then follow the instructions displayed there to add a new user