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QUESTION:Why have my Prostix Program Security Groups had Frameworks Activities added following a Service Pack upgrade?


As part of the Service Pack process, a program called insufluid.p is run to ensure that User IDs have the equivalent access in both Prostix and Frameworks.

In the database that is being upgraded, the insufluid.p program searches the existing Prostix Program Security Groups and then compares and matches these to the equivalent Frameworks Activities.

If there is a match, the Frameworks Activity is automatically added to the Prostix Program Security Group.

If there is no match, there are no changes made.

For example, if the existing Prostix Program Security Group contains a program called rec210.p (which is the Customer Maintenance program), the insufluid.p program will find the matching Frameworks Activity (which is CustomerMain) and add it to the Security Group in Prostix.