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In Frameworks, you are able to tag multiple Invoices in the Open Transactions tab & move these to Historical Transactions if the Total Value of the selected Invoices is equal to zero.

To tag multiple Invoices & move these to Historical Transactions, perform the following:

1. Click on the Supplier Dashboard .

2. Search for, then select the Supplier you want to tag invoices for then move these to Historical Transactions. Refer to Searching for a Supplier for further information.

3. Go to the Invoices tab, then click .

4. The Match and Move Transactions screen is displayed with the list of open transactions for the Supplier.

5. Tick the transactions to be moved to the Historical Transactions tab, then click .

(info) The Total Value of the selected Invoices (the Selected Total field) must be equal to zero otherwise error "Selected Invoices do not total zero" will be displayed. Click OK.

6. Click .

7. The selected invoices are then moved to the Supplier's Historical Transactions tab.