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The GPLinePOS flag must be enabled to use this functionality. For further detailed information, refer to: System Settings - Flags.

Repricing an individual product will re-price the product sell based on the current unit cost of the product line. Any previously existing discounts will be overridden as part of this process.
For example, if a product had an existing Discount % of 10% and you applied a new GP%, the Discount % resets to 0.


Click  then type Point Of Sale
Alternatively, using the Navigation Tree button expand Sales - Transaction Processing then click Point Of Sale.


Create a POS transaction and add products to the sale, or search for then select an existing POS transaction.

For further detailed information, refer to: Processing Cash Sales.


Click the pencil iconnext to the product you would like to adjust the GP% for.


Click the pencil iconnext to the GP% field. The 'Sell Price by GP' screen is displayed.


Type the new GP% discount value in the GP% field, then click . The Unit Price is automatically adjusted.


Select a price override reason in the Override Reason field, then click .