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The GPLineSOP flag must be enabled to use this functionality. For further detailed information, refer to:  System Settings - Flags.

Repricing an individual product will re-price the product sell based on the current unit cost of the product line. Any previously existing discounts will be overridden as part of this process.
For example, if a product had an existing Discount % of 10% and you applied a new GP%, the Discount % resets to 0.


Click  then type Sales Orders.
Alternatively, using the Navigation Tree button expand Sales - Transaction Processing then click Sales Orders.


If the Customer Id is already known, type it into the Customer search field then press your <Tab> key.
Alternatively, click the Search button then enter any desired search criteria. Click Find to display the search results then select the appropriate Customer Id hyperlink.


Create an order and add products to the order or search for, then select the relevant Quote or Sales Order.

For further detailed information, refer to:  Creating a Sales Order and/or Searching for open Sales Orders or Quotes


Click the pencil iconnext to the product you would like to adjust the GP% for.


Click the pencil iconnext to the GP% field. The 'Sell Price by GP' screen is displayed.


Type the new GP% discount value in the GP% field, then click . The Unit Price is automatically adjusted.


Select a price override reason in the Override Reason field, then click