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Troubleshooting a problem

If you have an issue with any of Sterland products, please follow the steps below:

  1. Search the Sterland Knowledge Base for a solution. For Frameworks, you can also right click on a tab (including any expandable section) or on a section header within Frameworks, then select Help to locate related Cheat Sheets, FAQs and User Guide information to assist with your issue. 
  2. If still unable to resolve your issue, refer to your organisations System Administrator for assistance who will:  

i. If the issue is urgent causing a "Critical System Down" impact, phone Sterland Support on 02 4365 7444 where your issue will be responded to immediately.
ii.For all other issues/requests, create a Support Request via the Support portal including the following information: 

      • Personal Information. That is, name, company, contact details.
      • Business impact including the severity and how many people are affected by the issue.
      • Error messages.
      • Application Version.
      • Log files and/or any supporting data and/or documents.
      • Detailed description of the request/ issue including the time it commenced, what was taking place when the issue occurred, any significant events that corresponded to the issue occurring (for example, any changes within your hardware and/or software), reproduction steps, screenshots and specific examples. '

iii. For Frameworks, please also provide the following additional information: 

Note: Frameworks is tested and certified to run through the Firefox and Chrome browser. Although other browsers may operate seamlessly, the current core effort has been spent testing on this browser only, so Sterland recommends Firefox is used exclusively for Frameworks. 

Frameworks information to provide:Instructions:
1Frameworks version

Click the down arrow next to your userid then click About Frameworks.

2Browser type and version.

Attach relevant screenshots into your Support portal issue including the Support Information tab from the area or module you are having issues with.

 How to attach the 'Support Information' tab to your Sterland Support Portal issue:

Frameworks Help contains links to Frameworks content in the SKB (including FAQs or any page with a url. For example, Quick Reference Guides) related to the section or module of Frameworks you are using

To attach a screenshot of the Support Information tab, perform the following:

1. Simply right click on a tab (or on a section header) from the area or module you are having issues then select Help & click the Support Information tab.


2. Copy and paste the Support Information tab into the ticket you have logged or will log via the Sterland Support portal.


If you are a System Administrator or IT person, please also provide further debugging / diagnostic information.

1. Select the <F12> key to open the Firefox browser developer tool, then select Network.

2. Reproduce the steps in Firefox that led to the issue, capturing the information via the browser developer tool.

3. Attach the screen shots, developer tool information and a detailed description of the issue into a Word document, then attach it to the support ticket.

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