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This page provides links/buttons to documentation for Sterland smartphone apps, tablet apps and browser apps, or you can search all Sterland AppStore documentation via the search box below.

Refer to Sterland Knowledge Base (SKB) Help for information on using and navigating this site.  

You can print each User Guide or Training Manual by navigating to the User Guide or Training Manual home page (containing the Table Of Contents / child pages) then select Tools then Export Page Tree to Word. A Word document is then produced for further editing in Microsoft Word.


 About PDA

ProStix PDA provides an abbreviated version of many of the standard functions used within the ProStix Enterprise application. It is designed for easy operation over a wireless network using a handheld PDA device.

 This module facilitates more efficient processing in the following business functions:
  • Purchasing: Staff can easily generate purchase orders while they are visually checking the stock holdings.
  • Goods Inwards: Stock receipting can be completed faster by scanning the products where they are received. In peak periods additional staff can help with stock receipting therefore helping process the volume of stock received and getting the stock on the shelves in a timelier manner.
  • Location Control: Update bin locations while ‘walking the aisles’.
  • Shelf Label Printing: Reduce the occurrence of incorrect shelf label pricing as products that require updated labelling can be more easily identified and labels queued for printing.
  • Product Enquiry: Stock checks can be easily performed from the shop floor to ensure your ProStix application reflects the correct stock details.

For further information, refer to the user guide below.

 About Pick & Despatch

(info)  Sterland has enhanced Pick & Despatch (P&D) by adding a new system flag that will allow orders from different branches to be added to the one run. The flag name is "PADOrdRSbr" and by default is loaded with the value as 'no'. Set this flag to 'yes' if it is required to create Run Sheets in P&D with orders covering multiple branches.

Pick & Despatch is designed for use by sales, customer service and despatch staff. It is divided into the following functional areas. Access to these functional areas is controlled via a user's security.

Functional AreaDescription
Sales Board / Manage DeliveriesProvides an overview of the orders / pick-ups for today and tomorrow.
Picking Lists all orders to be delivered today and tomorrow with the picking status of the orders,
and allows for the picking of orders that are either part picked or waiting to be picked.
Despatch & Run SheetsEnables the assignment of deliveries to vehicles and drivers, and the production of the run sheets.

For further information, refer to the video below.

 About SalesRep Assistant

SalesRep Assistant enables you to access Customer’s details from wherever you are. It can be used on a mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, an android tablet or an android phone, as long it is capable of running Google Chrome or Safari and connecting to the internet. You are able to search for customers and view account balances, contact information, company details and even view their location on a map. The statistics sections allows you to view their monthly spend over the last 3 years. All customer orders and quotes are available, as well as invoices for the last 90 days.
For further information, refer to the video below.

 About Trade Portal
The Trade Portal is a web system integrated directly to your ProStix backend offering your customers 24 x 7 service with access to online ordering, quoting & account enquiries.  
Additional features of Trade Portal:

  • Web presentation and graphics can be customised to suit your individual corporate look and feel.
  • Provide your entire product file available online for your customers at their special contracted price points.
  • Customers can reprint Statements and Invoices without involving your Accounts Department.

For further information, refer to the User Guide and FAQs below.

 About Showroom Assistant

Showroom Assistant enables you to browse products, view images and spec sheets, produce a quote via a shopping basket,email images and spec sheets, all while walking around the showroom with the customer, or from their home or office.

For further information, refer to the video below.

 About Managed Electronic Product Catalogues (mEPC)

Managed Electronic Product Catalogues (mEPC) is a managed service Sterland is now providing to enable businesses to maintain their Product File and individual Supplier Catalogues more efficiently through the importation of electronic pricing catalogues (EPC).

For further information, refer to the mEPC Whitepaper PDF.