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This utility needs to be run without other users on the system. The DB lock table size may also need to be increased temporarily.

This utility cannot be used if you are using the original Prostix Report Writer for financial reporting. If the renumber is combined with the new method of financial reporting via Query and/or Frameworks then the utility CAN be used.

The Re-numbering of General Ledger Accounts utility allows the re-numbering of General Ledger accounts from A to B while replacing all locations that account A is defined against and also re-codes all General Ledger transactions that are within each account.

To re-number General Ledger accounts & re-code all General Ledger transactions that are within each account, perform the following:

1. From the ProStix Main Menu select 'System Administration' then 'Utilities' then 'Run a Program'.

2. Type glchange.p into the 'Which Program?' field, then select <enter>, then press the space-bar after the following message is displayed:

3. Enter the Company No, Current GL Account and New GL Account into the respective Company, Current Account Code and New Account Code fields, then press <F1>. 

4. Confirm that the GL Accounts have been updated.

5. Run insutextsrch.p in Prostix via 'System Administration' then 'Utilities' then 'Run a Program' (options A-5-6) to refresh the Search function.