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System Settings - Flags

To streamline the way ProStix works for your business set up, there are a host of features that can be determined by setting flags, values and codes.

 Examples include:
  • Setting default values for certain input fields so the user is not continually typing in the same information.
  • Setting limits on certain fields so that the user is warned when that limit is reached.
  • Determining what information is displayed either in reports or at a terminal according to the transaction type.
  • Speeding up POS operations.
  • Interfacing various modules within ProStix.
  • Setting increments so that new records are numbered automatically.
  • Recording the company Merchant Number.
  • Turning on automatic functions such as purging and updating.

For further information, refer to Tailoring Options in the System Administration User Guide.

(warning)  The OrdAlertCM flag is no longer operational. For Prostix users, instead refer to Order Credit Approval.

 Current System Flags

Last updated: . Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. 

AuthDelSODeletion of Sales Orders must be authorised
AuthLowGPSales with GP below min  Must be Authorised
AutoAsstnoAutomatically generated Asset numbers?
AutoRptDelAutomatically purge the print spooler
AutoStockAutomatically run the Packs on Order Update
AvgCostLenTimber Average Costs are kept by length
BkgSectUseUse sections in bookings
BranchMaskOnly Display Products that exist in Users Branch
chgassdepnAllow change of asset depn. after 1st year
ConCstWrnWarn if contract cost entered exceeds std cost
ConfirmPOForce Confirmation of P/O before receipt
ContCostSecret Dahlsens flag - always use contract cost
CusAccTypeDo you want all new customers as balance forward
CusAdvSrchCustomer Advanced Search
CusAgeCrRoll back aged credit balances(B/F A/C only)
CusAgeCurrAge all credit notes to current period - B/F only)
CusAgeOICrAge Open Item Credit Notes to Current
CusBndMaskOnly display Customers that exist in Users Brand
CusCatOverAllow over-ride of Payment Category Code
CusCodesAllow maintenance of Customer Codes
CusCrdMultCustomer credit limit across multiple companies
CusDryPermDefault Customer Diary Notes to Permanent
CusDscIDefNew Customer - Default for Show Dis on Inv
CusEbnkAgeAge E-Banking payments to oldest balance -B/F only
CusIntPay Suppress interest charge on late payments      
CusInvGoodCOD Customers default for "Invoice with Goods"
CusMessageAllow ALL users to update customer message
CusNumContEnable auto numbering of customer contacts
CusNumLockPrevent Customer number from being overwritten
CusOrdChkCredit check to include all outstanding orders  
CusOrdContEnforce Customer Contacts in SOP/JOB 
CusPhoNumOnly Allow Numbers In Customer Phone Numbers  
CusProvDefCustomer Provisional Discount Default  
CusTierDiscUse 2 Tier settlement discounts in accounts receivable
CustIntChgDefault for new customers-Interest charged
DdktPrntTNPrint Transport Diary Notes on Delivery Docket
DDXDosDevDo transfers to devices require DOS conversion
DEBCustSRCustomised statement Reprint Used
DelAreaForEnforce the entry of delivery data for deliveries
DelMapForcEnforce the delivery area based on the map ref.
DelNumLineDefault delivery transaction num line to 9999
DelPOrderAllow for transport scheduling to cater for PO's
DelReqTimeEnforces the entry of the Requested Time on Sales Orders. This only impacts those orders where the delivery address is NOT a pickup type.
DelSrchRtnSearch for delivery addresses after return
DelStrtlkEnforce Delivery Address Lookup
DockEntryForce Entry of Supplier Invoice # at receipt
EBnkUseBAICheck for CBA on Ebanking statement file
ECGDelDocUse ECG for Delivery Docket Output
ECGInvoiceUse ECG for Invoice Output
ECGPackLabUse ECG for Pack Labels Output
ECGPayDCUse ECG for Direct Credit Payments
ECGPkslipUse ECG for Picking Slip Output
ECGPOrderUse ECG for Purchase Order Output
ECGPosDelOutput a Delivery Docket if Sale is From POS
ECGPOSDocUse ECG for POS Docket Output
ECGProdLabUse ECG for Product Label Output
ECGQuoSectGroup lines by section on ECG Quotes
ECGQuoteUse ECG for Quote Output
ECGRecDelvIgnore Delivery charge Invoice line in ECG Invoice
ECGRecOrigCheck origin of Invoice when pricing ECG Invoices
ECGRecPackProcess ECG Invoices By Packs
ECGRecPrceUse orig Priced Invoice flag when pricing ECG Inv
ECGShlfLabUse ECG for Shelf Label Output
ECGSwLabUse ECG for Swing Tags Output
EnqPriceShow retail price only in enquiry (Speed up POS)
EtmAXSRebaAX Supplier Rebate Interface active
EtmAXVDiscAX Volume Discount Interface active
ETMChkStkCheck Stock On ETM Order Import
EtmDelDateAllow import of order with past delivery date
EtmOrdDscGet Product Description From Master File
EtmSaxOutUse SAX XML Output for ETM
ExtCommDDPrint extended product comments on Delivery Docket
ExtCommInvPrint extended product comments on Invoices
ExtCommPOPrint extended product comments on PO
ExtCommPOSPrint extended product comments on POS
ExtCommPSPrint extended product comments on Picking Slips
ExtCommQtePrint extended product comments on Quote
ExtCommSOCPrint extended product comments on SO confirmation
FilterProdOnly Display Products that Exist at Users Branch
FinancialsALS Financials
FWBundleFrameworks Picking to use bundles
FWPacksFrameworks Picking are Packs Used
FWPKENTFrameworks Enterprise Picking
FWProdBarsInclude Product Bar Codes on Product text search.
GelPManChqComputer print G/L manual cheque Batches
GelUseCashUse cash clearing account when posting A/R batches
GLConslPConsolidate GL posts to reduce locks in company record
GLCustPerdGeneral Ledger Periods have been custom defined
GLMultiPmtAllow multiple allocation on E-Bank Reconciliation
GLStAdPerdStock Adjustment default GL Period to current date
GMRExcBTfrExclude Branch Tranfers from GMROI build
GMRExcNStkExclude Non-Stocked Products from GMROI build
GMRExcSpecExclude Special Products from GMROI build
GPFullRebAllow Reporting of Fully and Partially Rebated GP
GstFijiGST Fiji 
GstNZGST New Zealand
HazMatDetsProvide Hazardous Material details with Manifest
IBCustOrdAllow branches to sell out of other branches stock
IDCInUseInter-Branch Sales Commissions used
ImpCstActlDefault applying actual Import Costs
ImportProUse Prostix Import layout
InvAdvSrchInventory advanced search
InvAFPDBrnDefault for Apply Future Pricing - Apply Branch
InvAFPDConDefault for Apply Future Pricing - Apply Contracts
InvAFPDDscDefault for Apply Future Pricing - Apply Discounts
InvAFPDStdDefault for Apply Future Pricing - Apply Standard
InvAFPDSupDefault for Apply Future Pricing - Apply Supplier
InvAreaPrcArea Pricing prevents Branch pricing updates
InvAuditWrite an audit when invoices are printed
invbarcodeSuppress generation of barcodes for new products 
InvBlkLinkLink Sales Orders to Purchas ord. in Bulk Reorder
InvBrnAreaRestrict Branch Price maintenance if Area Pricing
InvBrnCIABypass branch security at creditor invoice approve
InvBrnEnqAllow multi branch price look-ups
invbrnrcptPrevent a branch from receiving another branches stock
InvBrnSpecUse Branch Code in Autogen Special Item Number
InvCDFBinBDoes the Bin represent the destination Branch
InvCDFBOPOUse Back-office Method for CDF P/O Receipting
InvCDFDatePopulate CDF requision with leadtime date
InvCDFDfltCDF field default
InvCDFPSrtSort Sequence of CDF Picking display Descending
InvcEODPrint Last on Nuvu Invoice
InvConGPCkCheck valid GP% on contracts
InvContDecIgnore Contract Future Review Prices On Decrease
InvContDetStore extra details on contracts
InvContFixStop fixed prices at group level on contracts
InvContMgnPreserve Margin on Contracts with Future Pricing
InvContSelDefault Contract Item Sell to Customer Sell 
InvCopyDefchange Copy Product defaults to NO
InvCPFPackForce inner Pack Quantities
INVCPFPLnkCheck Linked P/O for CPF Picking
INVCPFPrefAlways use preferred supplier in CPF Consolidation
InvCPFSDirStop nomination of Direct P/Os in Requisition Maint
INVCPFSpecForce On-File Special Products to order Centrally
InvCrBrDefProduct mass update default for Create Branches
InvCrdAPDfDefault for Credit AP Immediately
InvCstAvg1Average weighted cost between 0 and 1 divide at 1
InvCstEnqShow cost price in price lookup
InvCstPurSupplier costs are in the purchasing UOM
InvCstWstIs wastage included in Std Unit Cost
InvCustEnqShow Customer Prices in price look-up program
InvDefScanDefault to unpack and scan each product length
InvDeLeadUse lead time for Delivery Branch in Bulk Reorder
InvEisDefDefault setting for EIS summary flags
InvEnqBlocIn Stock Enquiry display secondary stock location
InvEnqSInvIn Stock Enquiry display Invoice as entered at CIA
InvExBrStkCheck for excess branch stock when purchasing
InvExclAltExclude Alternate UOMs From Shelf Label Output
InvF3MultiAllow Multi Product select in selected F3 Searches
InvForcMnQEnforce minimum quantity for Purchase orders
InvForcPkQEnforce pack quantity for Purchase orders
InvFPriceUse Future prices for future purchase orders
InvFrcBrndForce Product Brand on New & Updates to Products
InvFreezeFreeze Stock on hand before stock take
InvGrpROrdDefine Central Re-order values at Group Level
InvGstIncHide Gst-Ex prices in stock enquiry           
InvGstInc2Display GST inclusive prices in product searches
InvGTINbarAllow creation of a GTIN with an existing barcode
InvGTINDefSet the default value of the Print GTIN Labels
InvHideBPrHide Price on Product Browsers
InvHideBQtHide QTY on Hand on Product Browsers
InvImportAllow importing of receipt files in P/O?
InvInclExtInclude external freight cost in Standard cost
InvLblAttrPrint attribute on shelf label
InvLblPrQt Print single quotes on shelf labels. Defaults to no to maintain existing behaviour.
InvLblTypeIgnore Product Label Type when printing labels
InvLocXfTxUse Location Transfer Transactions
invlstbuySuppress last buy cost in F10 price lookup
INVManDetAllow Review of Details At Manifest Receipting
InvMcKeandTurn on McKeand Inventory Interface
InvMfgManufactured products in use?
InvMfgProdAre manufactured products interfaced to production
InvMisChgeApply Misc Costs to stock accounts
InvMltUOMReturn Multi UOMs In Product Search
InvOrdPackUse Supplier pack size for reorder of slow stock
InvPakCstUse pack cost at stock take in lieu of standard cost
InvPakLocnForce entry of pack warehouse location
InvPakModPrevent modifications to existing packs
InvPAMCoDiscUse Company Group Discount for PAM Module Price
InvPAMProdStatUpdate PAM Price with product status
InvPayClaimDefault claim flag for ECIA exceptions
InvPayDuplAllow duplicate invoice numbers processed in CIA
InvPoAtrPrint Purchase Order Attributes
InvPOAvailCheck Product Availability if creating linked P/O
InvPoComDefault for printing all comments on purch. orders
InvPoContP/O Contracts from sales order contracts
invPOdateForce User to Enter PO Due Date
InvPoFrtPrompt for Freight in P/O entry
InvPoFrt3Pay 3rd party freight invoices off-line
InvPOLkMsgPrevent changes to the Print Messages default
InvPOMsgDefault P/Orders & Stock Returns to Print Messages
InvPoPrc  Default for printing prices on purchase orders
InvPOSpecRestrict creation of specials on Purchase orders
InvPOZeroCZero P/O Costs with Purchase Supervisor Approval
InvPrcRevwCalculate and store future pricing for review & ma
InvPrefSIDAutogen Special Item Description prefix
InvPromAdvAdvanced Promotional Pricing
InvPromDflDefault Promotion flag on Stock Re-Order
invpurcredAllow credit note entry from purchasing module
invrcpdateAllow stock receipts to be back dated
InvRcptGPSDefault for Printing Receipt GL Posting summary 
InvRcptInvDisallow stock receipts to be invoiced
InvRcptLabDefault for Printing Receipt Labels 
InvRcptPwdForce Password on completion of stock receipting
InvrcptrepDefault for stock receipt report at goods inwards
InvRebCstApply rebates to cost
InvRebNoCsProduct Supplier Cost For Rebate With No Brn Cost
InvReptRebApply report rebates to cost
INVReqBOrdAllow Back-Orders on Stock Requisitions
InvResCredAllow restricted products to be used in Credits
InvResDefDefault product restricted supplier
InvResetDefault reset standard cost from supplier cost
InvResetBDefault reset Branch Cost to Supplier Area Cost
InvResetNatReset branch cost with no branch supplier
InvResPordAllow restricted product codes to be used in Purch
InvResSaleAllow restricted product to be used in SOP/POS
InvSaveAltSave original Product code as alternate when renum
InvSLRcptQPrint Shelf labels for Quantity Received
InvSrchNumDefault product search to Search by Number 
InvSSurWrnWarn if discounts and/or surcharges on cost change
invstakePlumbing World Stock Take
InvSTbyLocDolphin Stock take by Location 
InvStdAreaRestrict Std Price maintenance if Area Pricing
invstdavgAverage Costing with Standard Cost Pricing
invstdcstUse standard costing methodology
InvStkActAllow stock re-order to order inactive stock
InvStkBinRecord Bin Locations in Stock Take
InvStkBtchEnable batch stock take functionality
InvStkConvAllow inter-branch material conversions        
InvStkMinDefault for stock reorder - Only below minimum
InvStkMntNon-pack S/Take entry-after Card#,allow Maintenance
InvStkMtxUse Stock Reorder matrix when ordering stock
InvStkNaAlAllow narration override to stock adj reason codes
InvStkTferTransfer stock from default brnch at point of sale
InvStkZeroFor Stock Re-Order set Stock on Hand to zero when negative stock unless there is stock on consignment.
InvSupRankProvide a Rank to sort Alternate Suppliers
invsuprebShow supplier rebates in stock enquiry
InvWrnSuppWarning if product on P/O not Preferred Supplier  
ItemRtnGpDefault for product file retain gross profit
ItemRtnGPDDefault for product file retain gross profit Down
JobblNoDupDisallow printing duplicate job bundle labels
JobCheckDo you want to compare Job total with Check price?
JOBCodCreaCreate COD Customers at Quote Job Processing 
JobConfDDtCapture confirmed delivery date on Jobs
JobCusDSrchFilter search by customer ID
JobDefRepUse Customer Salesrep Default on Jobs
JobFrtCompDelay Component Freight recovery until Job Completion
JobFrtSalePost sell value of freight component to G/L
JobImpDetCreating lines instead of components
JobImpDet2Ask the user on import to create component or tran
JobImpWrkCControl New Manufacture Workflow Sequence
JobQtAccptGet SalesRepNo of user & store in Job Diary Notes
JobQtacModPrompt for Work Centre Model at Job Quote Accept
JobScBrkPrPrint Section Breaks on Job Quotes
JobSupDelvCopy Supervisor Details to all deliveries on a Job
JobSupDetAccept Supervisor Details when Entering a Job?
JobUpdAlocAllow update of Allocate Delivery Location
m10PDE Upload for Mitre 10 Stores
MaintainGPAuto-adjust Disct to Maintain GP on SellPrice down
MatConvAllAllow ALL Products in Direct Material Conversion?
MatConvDGLDisplay G/L Breakdown in Direct Material Conv?
MfgAutoAutomatically create work centres.
MfgAutoQtySet Work Centre qty equal to sum Product qtys
MfgBayPrompt for Assembly Bay on Work Centre Completion
MfgBrnSecStop users from completing work for other branches
MfgDiaryAdd entry to Job Diary at Work Centre Completion 
MfgJobLblPrint Job Pack Labels during work centre completion.
MfgKitsKits imported into MFG are not to be exploded
MfgPwdMust enter password at Work Centre Completion    
MfgUpdCompSupress Update to mfg products if wrkctr completed
MobSrAPrdAllows different products to be shown on the Mobile Trade Portal app compared to the full Trade portal system.  Refer to Product Maintenance to use this flag. From within the 'More Data' option, there is a menu option called Mobile Apps. 
& a field present called 'Mobile Enable'.
MobSrBrMskOverride Branch Masking in Mobile Prod Search
MobSrWPrdWeb Enabled Products Only In Trade Portal
MSIDescripWilliam Russell Doors Only
MultiBrnSOUse the Multi Branch Sales Order Screens
MultiQuoteMultiple types of Quote Stationery in use
NoAutoInvSimons hidden flag to partially recpt branch xfers
NoAutoRecReceipt with branch transfers --- the real one
NovellNovell File System
NTWindows NT/WinFrame Operating System
NVUFWOCpyNuVu Prompt for Factory Works Order Copies
optPDE option
OrdAddPrmtPrompt for save of new delivery address
OrdAddWaitSearch for delivery addresses stop query after this amount of seconds
OrdAlertCMAlert Credit Managr if order needs credit approval
OrdApproAllow picking slips to print for unapproved orders
OrdAvgCstUse avg cost when checking authorisation @ POS/SOP
OrdBoMQtyRDisplay BOM/Kit Qty in Order BoM Review
OrdBrCrAllow branch to credit invoices from other branch
OrdCashDelDont delete order if there is a credit balance
OrdCertTbrDefault for certified Timber on Sales
ORDChkDelDefault for Delivery Details flag
OrdChkStk1Check Stock Availability inc. current/future transactions
OrdChkStk2Limit check of Stock Availability to Add Mode only
OrdCODChkCheck sufficient funds for COD sales in SOP/Job
OrdCODChkBCheck account balance only for COD
OrdCODWarnCOD Credit check Warning Only
ORDContBrnUse branch pricing in GP% contracts
OrdCredRestrictions on credit notes and refunds
OrdCredInvInvoice No required to raise credit notes
OrdCredMltEnable Multi-Invoice Tracking for Credit Note
OrdCredRefInvoice No required for cash sale refunds
OrdCshChkCheck sufficient funds for cash orders
OrdCStkBrnCheck Stocking Branch for Nil Stock
OrdDDSupBoSuppress backorder lines for std Nuvu Delivery dkt
OrdDefBOrdDeflt value for BackOrder Details at Order Release
OrdDefHBchDefault From/To Branch to users Home Branch in SOP
OrdDefRepUse Customer Salesrep Default for Sales Orders
OrdDelAuthCredit Check at Delivery Docket Print
OrdDelDayApply Date / Order Delivery to Account Sales
OrdDelDayCApply Date / Order Delivery to COD Sales
OrdDelFeeCustomer Delivery Fee over-rides Area Selected Fee
OrdDepositAllow deposits to be taken at order release
OrdDtlPwdPrompt SalesRep & Password for SOP&JOB Ord Details
OrdEPCHideHide the EPC Search option within orders
OrderCheckCheck invoice price to quoted price at release
OrderCompDefault for Order complete flag
OrderDelDefault the sales order delivery date to today
OrderDelDtDefault the sales order delivery date to zero
OrderFileAllow file import into order entry.        
OrderPriceDefault for hold timber price when order complete
OrderReprUse supplier cost for standard in order re-pricing
OrderSchedSales - Production Interface active
ordExtFrmtSetting external order format
OrdExtUpdAllow Update of Order External Reference
OrdFaxQteEnable faxing of quotes
ORDForcDelForce Delivery Charge at Order Release
OrdForcDisForce Discount Group in SOP & JOB
OrdForcSubForce selection of subgroups for special products
OrdFPriceUse Future prices for future orders, quotes, jobs
OrdFrcAuthForce the entry of password for order credit appro
OrdFWOdelDelete FWO and the linked Sales Order
OrdGTINSupSuppress creation of GTIN comments
OrdHdrPwdPassword required to update order header
OrdHoldCODHold S/Os for COD customers regardless of amt due
OrdHomeCoMildura Co-op Home Co. Sales -> GL interface
OrdIntPrcHold price overrides for internal sales
OrdNewDfQtDefault new transactions to quotes
OrdOvrBTfrAllow user to override Cost/Sell for Branch Transfers
OrdPrjDfQtDefault new transactions as quotes (from Projects)
OrdPrvDiscEnable Provisional Discount type 2
OrdPslipBOAuto print p/slip for backorders
OrdPslipBTPrint Picking Slip for Branch Transfer
OrdPurDepDisplay Sales Order Totals and Deposits
ORDPwdForce password for SOP & JOB on change of salesman
ORDPwdMustSalesman must always enter password at SOP & JOB
OrdQLettrSuppress letter page on quote
OrdQtDespPrompt for Despatch Details on Quotes in SOP
OrdQteCommPrinting Comments on Quotes
OrdQteCstPrinting Costs on Quotes
OrdQteDiscPrinting Discounts on Quotes
OrdQtePricPrinting Prices on Quotes
OrdQteTlyPrinting Tallies on Quotes
OrdQteTotPrompt to print total on unpriced quote

Prevents products being added and deleted to the Branch Transfer Sales Order

OrdRelPwdPrompt SalesRep & Password for SOP&JOB Release
OrdRoundRound unit price after discount.           
OrdRptCstDefault to Print Costs on Order Reports
OrdRtnCostRetain Cost if contract, promo or special cost
OrdSBListAllow entry of supplier list for special buy in
OrdSBuyRetRetain special buy-in costs regardless for purchasing
OrdScBrkPSPrint sectionbreaks on picking slip format 20
OrdShrtDteDisplay Stock Availability details by Order date
OrdSlsRepDefault for salesrep initiated order           
OrdSpBSCRfSuppress the display of Contract Reference SpecBuy
OrdSpCostLForce Cost Load on creation of special products
OrdSpcUlblSpcl Prod Unit Sell label to Retail Price ex GST
OrdStkRetPPrompt to Confirm Stock Return for Credit POS/SOP
ORDStopRunStop sale of Runout products if SOH will be -ve
OrdStpBayAPrevent Manual Bay Allocation in Job Processing
OrdTfrDelDelete related line on linked branch transfer PO
OrdTknByDefault Order Taken By to Users Rep No
OrdTknForcForce Order Taken by to be entered
OrdTknPwdForce PWD if there is a value in Order Taken By
PADDelDtPick and Despatch to allow past delivery dates
PADSubRS Pick and Despatch add suburb to address line
PamPrPDaysPAM Price Purge Days
PayAbnStop creditor invoice entry when ABN is absent
PayBrnBchRestrict user view A/P batches for other branches
PayCreditAllow payment selection by creditor           
PayCredSumAlways print Brn Summary on Direct Credit Advice
PayDCDebitInclude Debit Balancing Entry in ABA File Output
PayDCDefDirect Credit Payment output to file default
PayDCMultiDirect Credit ABA details from multiple bank accounts
PayDispFXDisplay foreign currency in selected AP reports
PayFTrkTolRestrict use of Tolerances to Fast-Track Invoice Approval
PayInvFiltAlways show all suppliers at AP invoice entry
PayNegSetAllow settlement discount on A/P credit notes
PaySGlRptSuppress Display of GL Posting Reports
PDAStkCrPkAllow creation of new packs within PDA stocktake

Send purchases in transaction UOM to Phocas
PhocasTlyTlPhocas - Derive tallies from branch SOH
POAllowNegAllow Negative P/O & receipts - manual Entry Only
POCertTbrDefault for certified Timber on P/O
POClFrcComEnforce the entry of Credit Claim Comments
POConsPrdConsolidate like products on print of purch order
POCPFStopStop Ordering of CPF products on non-CPF P/Orders
POCQtySelAllow the Selection of Qty in F3 Search
POEditUserRestrict change of ordered by in P/O creation
POLinkSaleDisplay Linked Sales Order on Purchase Order Print
POMixPromoAllow a mix of promo & non-promo products on P/Ord
POMrkCntrlControl a P/Order with a single Mark
POOrRefmatAllow order number to be set
POSAuthTimCheck Pricing Authority for timber products at POS
PosAvailShow stock available at POS
PosBankVarAllow cash variations in POS banking
PosCashNumAllow Cash Customer number to be set at POS
PosCashOutAllow EFTPOS cash outs at POS 
PosCodCusCreate New COD accounts as Balance Fo ward
POSCODKeepCreate COD accounts as permanent accounts
PosCodPmtAPOS COD Open Item allow allocation of payment
POSCodPmtIForce entry of invoice No for COD payments
POSCodRepSales Rep mandatory when creating CODs
POSCODStopPrevent Account Sales to COD Customers
PosComDefault for printing of line item comments
PosCostFncAllow function key to display costs in POS
PosCrdUse POS credit card capture system
PosCrdHideSuppress warning message on use of cr card tender
POSCredGstAdd GST for credit card fees
PosCrMatchMatch credit notes to original invoice     
POSCshOnlyPOS cash only Eftpos transactions are allowed
POSCshPmtIForce entry of invoice number for cash payments
POSCshPstAge POS future payments to Current Period
PosdeferDefer Sales at POS - use with extreme caution
POSDefRepUse Customer Salesrep Default for Account Sale?
PosDepositDefault setting for Deposit Payment
PosDepPercCompany Deposit % is minimum acceptable deposit
PosDepQteShow quotes during customer payment allocation
POSDPrtDelPrint Delivery Docket to default printer on POS
POSDPrtInvPrint Invoice to default printer on POS
PosF3MultiAllow Multi Product select in POS F3 Search
POSForcDisForce Discount Group in POS
posfwfinFW Financials
PosGLBrnConsolidated all tills per branch in G/L
PosGPSuppress POS low G.P warnings
PosGtinSelect UOM at POS/SOP when a GTIN is scanned
POSHideBalHide Balances and Discount during cash receipt
POSHideBlUHide Balances driven by user security
posinPrint Invoice at POS on a different printer
POSIntAuthPOS supervisor to OK int POS acc sales & crd notes
PosIntSaleProcess internal sales at POS
POSInvUnprFlag Unpriced POS Acc Invoices (20) as Unprinted
PosLockRepLock Sales-rep field for A/C Sales SOP/POS
PosloyaltyUse Fly Buys or Similar Loyalty Program
PosMessageDisplay sign-on message at POS cash sale       
PosMsgAckAcknowledge customer message at POS entry
POSMultCrdPOS Allow multiple credit cards per sale
POSNegCshRRestrict negative POS cash receipts for accounts
POSOthCustExclude Other Accounts in Advanced Customer Search
PosPartBnkPrevent partial banking at Pos Bank Deposit
PosPayPtsAllow payment of account with rewards points
PosPostCapture Post Codes at POS - Enhanced POS only  
POSPostCrdPostpone POS credit checking until end of sale
POSPrmtDktPrompt to print Invoice/Delivery Docket
POSPrntSigPrint signature copy on POS
PosPromDisPrevent discounting of Promotional prices
PosPrtAccPrint POS Account Sales on Customised Docket
POSPrtChldPrint Child account name on STD POS docket
PosPrtDelOptionally print DelDock/Invoice at Pos (Fmt20)
PosPrtDisVPrint discount value in POS Dkt
PosPrtHeadPrint column headers in POS Dkt
PosPrtProdPrint product code on star docket
POSPrtPromPrint Promotion Details on POS dockets
POSPrtTaxPrint Tax Certificate on POS Docket?
PosPrtTaxIPrint POS account sales as Tax Invoices       
PosPrtUserPrint Salesperson and Operator in POS Dkt
PosPslipPrint Picking Slip at suspend POS sale
PospwdForce password entry at POS on change of salesman
PosPwdMustSalesman must always enter password at POS
POSPwdSkipSkip POS pwd for account payments
POSQtePricAlways show prices when printing quotes in SOP
POSQtySelAllow Qty Input from Multi Select F3 Search
PosRepNamePrint Sales Rep first name only on POS docket and Invoices
POSReprAmtPOS Reprice to allow order amount change
PosResumeAllow branches to resume sales from other branches
PosRetPinPIN required to use POS retail entry screens
PosrlRelease Orders at POS before despatch
PosrlCodRelease COD Orders at POS
POSRRecptAllow historical Reprints of POS Receipt Dockets
POSRSaleAllow historical Reprints of POS Sale Dockets
PosScnAckPOS Acknowledge Messages before scan next product
POSSDelDktSeparate each delivery docket on POS
PosSignPrint Cust Signature Line on POS double docket
POSSignStrPrint Cust Signature Line for Acct on Star Printer
PosStarDisHide discount for star printer (prints net price)
PosStockSuppress stock shortage warning at POS
PosSupCardSuppress prompt for credit card number at POS
PosSupDupSuppress duplicate POS docket - Star Format Only
PosSupInvSuppress Invoice Print from POS
PosSupScanSuppress multiple UOM warning when scanning at POS
POSSynRewdSyncroPlus at POS prompt for rewards card usage
PosTillMstAllow reconciliation only by till
PosTillRecAllow tills to be used post reconciliation
PosZeroResumeAllow resumption of zero value suspended sales. When set to "No", will prevent a User from resuming a sale when the transaction being resumed has a zero value in Prostix. A message will be displayed ‘Cannot resume a zero sale’. The default value for this flag is No.
POVarSuppDetermine PO price variance against supplier produ
POViewPortView/Update Ports by removing comment line 3
PrcConDiscStop discounts in Contracts
PrcModDiscStop discounts in Discount Module Pricing
PslpEODPrint End of Picking Slip on Nuvu Picking List
PurChkPord  Check existing purchase order lines for product
PurCredNegAllow negative stock credit claims
PurGtinSupSuppress creation of GTIN comment on Purchase
PurHRcptAlHide Receipt All option in P/Order Receipting
PurImpClseClose Import Shipments if All linked P/O Completed
PurImpCostForeign Imports - Costing Worksheets in Use 
PurImpExchAllow override of currency exchange rate on P/Ordr
PurInfAckForce Acknowledgement of Product Info. in P/Order
PurMultiAllow receipts & credits on 1 creditor invoice
PurNumLockPrevent PO Number from being overwritten
PurPckPrmtPrompt for receipt of each line with a pack

Prevents Branch Transfer Back Orders from being receipted out of sequence

PurStopRqRStop requisitions being reinstated if P/O line deleted
PurTfrSpecAllow on-file Special prods on Brn Transfers
PurTknByDefault Ordered By to be User-ID
PurTknPwdForce PWD if there is a value in Ordered By
PurUOMCstDisplay the unit cost in receipting screen
QuottxtEnable printing of text quote
RecATBNoteAllow diary notes selection on Debtors ATB
RecBCHMthEnforce A/R Batch Date in Current Month
RecDiaryStSort Customer Diary Notes by date only
RecFaxInvEnable faxing of invoices
RecGenBInvHave the system generate batch invoice numbers
RecInvCopyDefault for Print Invoice Copies
RecNilBalSuppress Invoices for Zero Balance Customers?
RecOdNoRqdDefault Customer flag - Customer Order No Req 
RecPDCPost dated cheques are accepted
RecPFInvPrint Pro-Forma Invoice
RecPPslipDefault Customer flag - Priced Picking Slip
RecPrntBFPrint all Statements as Balance Forward
RecPrtPromPrint promotion details on standard Invoices
RecSchNamYes to Search for Customers by Name, No by Number
RecSchNumYes to Search for Customers by Number, No by Name
RecSrtStDtPrinting statement body by date order - Nuvu std fmt
RecStAllNgPrint all negative accounts regardless of activity for the month
RecStatePSPrint payment summary on statement
RecStmtInvOutput invoice detail on Nuvu Std Statement format
RecStPrtNgPrint of credit balance statement current
RecStPrtZrPrint of zero balance statement if current trans
RecStSubAcStatement to break down by sub account
RecStTrZroExclude trans that total=0 O/I accs in Nuvu Stmnt


Retain the zero average cost
RptDelUprtPurge unprinted reports from the spooler
SalesIntOmit internal sales from sales history usages
SalesTaxIs wholesale sales tax in use
SalesTaxCtIs sales tax included in the unit cost
SalPoRebRecord Supplier Rebates in Sales Transactions
SalsumCODCOD sales are summarised as cash sales              
setdsApply settlement discnt on top of trade discounts
SetdsAllApply settlement discount to ALL pricing methods 
SetDSContApply Settlement Discount to Contracts
SkipLaybyBypass normal Deposit entry for Laybys
SOPAppPwdPassword required for Credit Manager approvals
SOPAreaRevReview charges if surface area is modified
SopAuthSpcAuthorise if user has create special items as no 
SOPAutoComAutomatically prompt for comments after each line
SOPAutoRefFor Buy-In cost changes auto populate Ref & Expiry
SOPAutoSCCFor Buy-Ins Allow Supplier Cost Screen to Auto Display
SOPAutoSpBAllow Special Buy-in field to be editable
SopAvailShow stock available at SOP
SOPBomBldBuild B.O.M for Type 5 Products from POS and SOP
SOPBrnSpBStop Special Buy-ins from Branch Transfer
SOPCheckCNCheck Credit Approval Limits for Credit Notes?
SOPChkPordCheck for current Purch Orders when link from SOP?
SOPCkSOHSpCheck if SOH for special product at release in SOP
SOPCodAuthAuthorise COD creation on Quote acceptance
SOPCodCreaCreate COD Customers at Sales Order Entry? 
SopComDefPrint Comments on delivery dockets default
SOPConfDDtCapture confirmed delivery date on Sales Orders
SOPCrAuCodDisplay Customer Codes on Order Approval Screen
SOPCrdRelDefer credit note auth until order release
SOPCrtSpecFor Buy-Ins Allow Specials to be Created
SOPCrtSSupSuppress creation of special products on quotes
SOPDDktBdlPrint sort by bundle ID
SopDDktTotPrint total line on delivery docket
SOPDelAllOptionally Allocate Delivery Bays to Orders
SOPDupCordCheck for duplicate customer order numbers in SOP
SopFactCstRoll-up Factory Order Costs in SOP
SopFactDefDefault FWO component rollup to order unit price
SopFactDimInherit dimensions for Fact Ord components in SOP
SOPFactOrdFactory Order Linkage in Sales Order Processing
SOPfwoprtprint fwo documents with pick slips
SOPHideAvgHide Average Cost in SOP Repricing
SOPHideGPHide GP% on the Sales Order Entry screen?
SopInvMthEnforce S/O invoice release date in Current Month
SOPISISRelRelease ISIS S/O to invoice if no timber
SOPJobQoteDefault new Jobs to quotes
SOPLinkBOHidden Flag - Allow backorder with SOPLinkSpc on
SOPLinkSpcStop release of special items if not on linke P/O
SopMsgAckAcknowledge customer message at Sales Order entry
SOPNumLockPrevent SOP number from being overwritten
SopOrdPSupShow pref. supplier when reviewing Orders in P/S/J
SOPPageCntPrompt for Page Count Reset options in Invoice Prt
SOPPriceInDefault for Priced Invoices at Order Release
SOPPriceQtDefault for Pricing on invoices from quotes    
SOPPrtDktDefault for Print Docket at order release
SOPPrtZeroDefault Zero Orders to Yes in Sales Order Listing
SOPPS20BrkFormat 20 Picking Slips sort and break by Bin Location?
SOPPS20KitPrint components on picking slip for all non-exploding kits
SOPPS20LocFormat 20 Picking Slips sorted by Bin Location?
SopPuAdvceStop the 'Delivery Area Descpn' to print on Despatch Labels
SopPupDelEnable Delivery Address Prompt for non-delivery
SopPurUomSuppress the purchase UOM as a selling UOM 
SopQotDateReset Quote expiration date when re-pricing
SOPQtDelMust Approve Delivery Date when accepting Quotes
SOPQteLstInvoke Lost Quote $ Value Popup
SOPQtePricDisable PRICES option when printing quotes in SOP
SopQtePSupDisplay preferred supplier when reviewing quote
SOPQteQty0Allow quantities of zero on quotes (format #49)?
SOPRcstSpBEnable Re-cost Special Buyins in Copy Order/Quote
SOPRcstSpDDefault value - recost spcl buyins in copy ord/qt
SOPRelBrnChange branch at order release to device branch
SOPRelLnkRestrict S/Ord Release if unreceived linked P/Ords
SOPRelWrnWarn at S/Ord Release if branch not devices' home
SopRepUomAllow Reporting UOM as optional selling UOM
SopRetPMRetain Pricing method on Special buy contract line
SOPRlsePwdSupervisor password required at order release
SOPrtDktDefault Print Del Docket at Order release to 

Allows a User that cannot view a Restricted Supplier to view the product cost of products with Restricted Supplier in the Sales Order Maintenance screen, Sales Order Enquiry and Invoice Enquiry screens.

Without this flag activated, if the User cannot view a Restricted Supplier and the product that is in the Sales Order Transaction has a Restricted Supplier for its Supplier, then the Product Cost is hidden in the Sales Order Maintenance screen, Sales Order Enquiry and Invoice Enquiry screens.

SopSpCpAllSpecial copy over ride all other flags 
SopSpcSuplMandatory Supplier code for Special Products
SOPSpcWhseWarehouse Location mandatory for special products
SOPSpDelSAAuthorisation to delete special from SO linked PO
SopSpecCrdPrevent credit of SPs without Supplr Credit Return
SOPSpecDelPrevent delete of Specials in SOP with linked P/O
SOPSpecDesPrefix SP Product Descriptions
SopSpecWrnShow warning before creating special product
SOPSpItdscAdd Dimensions to Product Type 8 Desc at SOP
SopSpItLenOverride 17 characters on products
SOPSpReuseDisallow the re-use of specials created
SopStdAvgUse Standard Cost in SOP not Average Cost
SopStockSuppress stock shortage warning at SOP
SopSupBalSuppress Acct. Balance Display at SOP Order Entry?
SOPSupDelvCopy Supervisor details to other job deliveries
SOPSupDetAccept Supervisor Details when Accepting a Quote?
SopTalyComTie Comments to individual Tallies in SOP
SOPUsageBRFormat 20 Quotes sort and break by Usage
SOPUsagesWingfield & Footers use Usages
SOPWrnPOrdWrn usr P/O for special items when exit S/Order 
SOPWrnPrecStop product precision warning at unit sell overri
SpecItmDisDisable Special Product discount field
StkRptPageSched Stk Reorder Paper saving (no grp page break)
SugarCRMEnable Bowens SugarCRM Functionality
SupAdvSrchSupplier Advanced Search
SupBndMaskOnly display Suppliers that exist in Users Brand
SupStkSrch Exclude Stock Suppliers in Advanced Search Results
SurModAddAdd other surcharges to discount module pricing
SysDisModADefault value for Discount Module Security Access
SysExtPrmpEnable Exit from Prostix message
Syslog    Use Unix sign-on to bypass Prostix sign-on
SysMailBCCEnable default BCC 
SysMailStdUse non-std mailbox for receiving/replying msgs
SysSingleUIs this a single user database
TimForcQtyEnforce Tally entry for Timber Tally products
TimSurBrnTimber Surcharges Vary per Branch
TimSurConRedundant flag
TimSurCon1Add length Surcharges to fixed price contracts
TimSurCon2Add Length Surcharges to non-fixed price contracts
TimSurIntOmit length surcharges from internal sales
timvalTimber length validation by product
TPIRetColShow retail column on invoice view in Trade Portal
type5bypasBypass std cost variation for manufactured items
V8ProdBrwsUse the old V8 Product Browser which is broken
ValidCrPoForce entry of P/O No. when creating a Credit Claim
ValidZoneForce validation of sales zones and territories
WarnZeroPrProvide warning when selling at zero price-SOP/POS
WastageUpdAllow update of Special Product Wastage %
WordMin3Word search index - minimum 3 characters       
ZFBrowseUse standard browsers
ZV8SpoolerUse the Prostix Event Driven Spooler
 Current Values (Decimals)

Last updated:  

CshPayOverCash Payment Write-off - Over variation
CshPayundrCash Payment Write-off - Under variation
CusCODDFeeDefault delivery fee for COD and Cash
CusDiscRedDiscount Reduction Percentage
CusSettRedCustomer Settlement Reduction Percentage
FWTillVarTill variance amount requiring confirmation
GstOldRatePrevious GST percentage rate
ImpCstVarEstimate to Actual Import Cost Variance
InvConMargDefault Margin for Future Contract Pricing
InvTolAmtCIA Invoice/Receipt tolerance $Amount
InvTolPcntCIA Invoice/Receipt tolerance Percentage
JobFQNStkFactored quantity value for Non-Stocked Products
JobFQPurFactored quantity value for Purchased Products
JobFQStkFactored quantity value for Stocked Products
LayBy%Default % Deposit required for Laybys
OrdExtFrmtFormat for updating Order External Refer
OrdPrvDsc%Provisional Discount rate for OrdPrvDsc
POCrdSur%Supplier Credit Claim Surcharge %
POFECTol$P/Order tolerance to alloc FECs $Amount
POFECTol%P/Order tolerance to allocated FECs
POSCrdSur%POS Credit Note Surcharge %
PosPausePtPause@POS EndSale/Print/next sale secnds
PurTranAirImporting Air Transport Duty %
PurTranSeaImporting Sea Transport Duty %
PurUOMVarReceipt UOM cost variance before warning
SOPAccChg%% to apply as accomodation charge - SOP
SOPCrdSur%Credit Note Surcharge %
SOrdMinAmtMinimum Order Value
Wastage%Default Wastage % for Special Poducts
 Current Values (Integers)

Last updated:  

AdvSrchMxMaximum number of records found for Advanced Search
APChqDaysDays allowed to pre-date A/P cheques
B2BLogLevlB2B Logging Level
B2BMxInFTPDefault max. size of file to retrieve via FTP
ConWrnDaysNumber of days to warn of Contract expiry
CstPlsPercCost Plus Percentage Default
CusAutContNext AutoGen default contract number
CusAutTermTerm of AutoGen customer contract-Months
CusDueDiscDiff. in Customer Settlement on Due Date
CusIntDaysCust age period for interest - Default
CusInvMaxMax pages to fit in an envelope
CusPhLenStandard Length For Customer Phone Number
DdktNumTlyNumber of Tallies per line for Nuvu Delivery Docket
DdktPosTlyTally line starting position for Nuvu Delivery Docket
DDXBrnDieDDX Engine die time in secs after midni
DDXEnSleepDDX Sleep Time in seconds
DDXHighTIdHighest Transfer Id. for ProDDX
DDXLowTIdLowest Transfer Id. for ProDDX
DDXNextTIdNext Available Transfer Id. for ProDDX
DelDayTimeSame-day charge cutoff time (in seconds)
DelDocTrayDelivery Docket copies to Multiple Printer Trays
DelMaxCntDelivery Address Maximum Record Search
DelSrchCntSearch for delivery Addresses after this many characters
FWDBunFrameworks Picking default bundle number
GSTRatePercentage rate to print on stationery
HttpPortPort to use for external http requests
InvAvlDaysNum days in future for stk availability
InvcNumTlyNumber of Tallies per line for Nuvu Invoice
InvCODInvCOD Number of Days after Invoice Date
InvCommSizField size of comments on invoice
InvcPosTlyTally line starting position for Nuvu Invoice
InvEPCDTypDefault type of EPC products from POS
invexkitnoThe number of kits in a product catalog
InvLblMxAtMax attribute on Shelf Label
InvMaxLblsMaximum print run size for shelf labels
InvNumCopyNumber of Invoices to print from POS, SOP & JOBs
InvNumDpDefault decimal places for new products 
InvNumLinNumber of lines for NuVu Invoice
INVPODelivDefault number of days for P/O delivery
invStkPDayNumber of days to check for incoming purchase orders in stock reordering
ItemNxtBarNext available Barcode No 
ItemNxtNo Next Available Product No.
MobMaxCusCustomer Search Limit
MobMaxPrdProduct Search Limit
NumLinDelNumber of lines for NuVu Delivery Dockets
NumLinOrdNumber of lines for NuVu Picking Slips
NumLinPayNumber of lines for NuVu D/C Remittance Advices
NumLinStmtNumber of lines for NuVu Statements  105
NvuAddLblDNuVu Address Labels Number Down
NvuAddLblWNuVu Address Labels Number Wide
NvuChequesNuVu Cheque Print - Number per page  
NVUDespLabNuVu Despatch labels per page
NVUFTrgInvNuVu Footer Triggers in Invoice (Max 9)
NVUFTrgPONuVu Footer Triggers in P/O (Max 9)
NVUFTrgStmNuVu Footer Triggers in Statemnt (Max 9)
NvuPosTlyNumber of tallies per line for Nuvu POS
NvuProdLbDNuvu Number of Product Labels Down
NvuProdLbWNuvu Number of Product Labels Wide
NvuRackLbDNuVu Rack Labels  - Number Down
NvuRackLbWNuVu Rack Labels  - Number Wide
NvuRctLblDNuvu Receipt Number of Labels Down
NvuRctLblWNuvu Receipt Number of Labels Wide
NVUShlfLbDNuvu Number of Shelf Labels Down
NvuShlfLbWNuvu Number of Shelf Labels Wide
NVUSwngLbDNuvu Number of Swing Tags Down
NVUSwngLBWSwing wide
OrdDefPrtyDefault Job Priority
OrdDelDTolDelivery Date Tolerance in days
OrdNumLinNumber of lines for NuVu Order Confirm.
OrdNumTlyNo of Tallies per line for Nuvu Ord Conf
OrdPosTlyTally starting position for Nuvu Order Conf
OrdQComSizField size of comments on Quote
OrdWarnCstWarning level for order cost price
OrdWarnSelWarning level for order sell price
PackNxtNo Next Available Pack No.
PackProdLWLowest Production Pack
PackProdNXNext Production Pack
PackProdUPHighest Production Pack
PamPrPDaysPAM Price Purge Days
PDEDolVerDolphin Version of ProScan
POAvCstVarP/O average cost variance warning %
POMrkBrnTreenys default admin branch ha839459834
POOrrefmatSet Length of Cust Order# (Max 25)
PosChngWtPOS Change Given Screen wait time in seconds
PosCoinagePOS Coinage Rounding Factor

This integer causes the "Docket is ready for customer's signature" message to only appear on the screen for 3 seconds (as per the default setting) before the screen auto refreshes and returns to the POS Options menu. Set this integer if cash sales tendered using EFTPOS are taking a very long time to complete to produce a POS docket for the customer.

PosLinesMaximum No of lines per invoice
POSLMMsgLDefault Message length for Loyalty Magic
POSLMWaitTime Out period to wait for Loyalty Magic Server
POSPreDel Prepaid Delivery Account Number- POS
POSPreDupNumber of Dockets to duplicate from POS
PosRTypeType of POS Redundancy running (1 or 2)
PosUpdDiePOS Invoice Update shutdown time (hh:mm)
PosUpdWaitPOS Invoice Update wait time in seconds
PslpNumTlyNumber of Tallies per line for Nuvu Picking List
PslpPosTlyTally line starting position for Nuvu Picking List
PurNumLinNo lines on PO fmt 20/04/15
PurNumTlyNumber of Tallies per line for Nuvu P/Order
PurPosTlyTally starting position for Nuvu P/Order
PwdExpNotNo days to warn user of password expiry
QtyOrdDaysFuture days to accumulate on-order qty
QuotNumLinNumber of lines for NuVu Quote
QuotNumTlyNumber of Tallies per line for Nuvu Quote
QuotPosTlyTally line starting position for Nuvu Quote
RBIPolIntPolling Interval for RB Engine Daemon
RecCusDelNo of days for delete of inactive cust 
RptDelDays# Days to hold reports prior to purging
SGRMaxFailNumber of errors in log before notifying
SGRMaxSentMaximum records sent to Sugar per task
SGRSenDlaySeconds pause after record sent to Sugar
SigTimeoutTimeout for Signature Capture
SopCordLenLength of Customer Order No. field (max 25) 
SOPSpItLenOverride Type 8 Desc at POS HxWxT Size
sysnextextValue for the Next extraction number
WEBSalesNoSales Rep No for WEB based Customer Orders
 Current Codes (Characters)

Last Updated:  

1stflashpFirst Combustable Liquids Flashpoint
1stpackgrpFirst Hazardous Goods Packaging Group
1stpoisonFirst poison group
2ndflashpSecond Combustable Liquids Flashpoint
2ndpackgrpSecond Hazardous Goods Packaging Group
2ndpoisonSecond poison group
3PGLExprt3rd Party GL Export Program              
3rdpackgrpThird Hazardous Goods Packaging Group
3rdpoisonThird poison group
3rdPrtyDb13rd Party Database to Connect for Export 
3rdPrtyDba3rd Party Database to Connect - Params   
AdminUserAdmin user ID to support Batch jobs
ArchiveDBWhat is the path to your Archive Database?
B2BLogsB2B Log Directory
B2BMDataB2B System Parameter File
ConDefCodeCustomer Contract Default code
ConDefRuleContract Pricing Rule default value
CusListFilCustomer Listing CSV File
CusMerGrpMerchants Customer Group               
CusSupRGrpCustomer Supplier Recovery Group       
DBnameThis Database/Sites "Name"
DDXCreateName of script to run DDX creates
DDXDeleteName of script to delete transfer sets
DDXDelRecName of script to delete receipt sets
DDXDevMethFile Transfer Methods used for devices
DDXGenSetName of script to Generate transfer sets
DDXImportScript to IMPORT transfer sets .tx
DDXLogDirLOG Directory for ProDDX log files
DDXRecDirReceive directory for DDX files
DDXRecLoadName of script to upload tranfer sets
DDXRecLogName of script to build receipt log
DDXSendBCHSend Data for your BRANCH, ZONE or ALL
DDXSendDirSend Dir
DDXSendPOSSend Data for your BRCH/ZONE/ALL for POS
DDXSndDirSEND Directory for ProDDX files
DDXSrcTypeIs THIS system a Branch or Dev (BRN/DEV)
DDXStartDtDate to START Transferring file changes
DDXTempDirTemp directory to create DDX files
DelimiterThe CSV File Delimiter Character
ediDanksSupplier code for sending EDI to Danks
EDIMitre10Supplier code for sending EDI to Mitre10
FeatureAGREnable capture of agreed value on orders
FeatureASTAuto Stock Transfer
FeatureB2BB2B Activation Code
FeatureBKGBooking System
FeatureCDFCDF Activation Code
FeatureCNTGenerate & use Mark Numbers
FeatureCOCChain of Custody                    
FeatureCONConsignment Feature
FeatureCPFCPF Activation Code
FeatureDELDelivery Scheduling
FeatureDNKDanks Interface Activation Code
FeatureEAIStock Adjustment Import
FeatureECHEnhanced Cost Hide
FeatureECIETM Creditors Invoices (Input)
FeatureECNETM Credit Note                     
FeatureECOETM Purchase Confirmations (Input)
FeatureECPETM Customer Output
FeatureECRETM Credit Claims                   
FeatureEDCETM Direct Credits
FeatureEDIMaterial Conversion Import
FeatureEINETM Invoice
FeatureEJIETM Job Import
FeatureEOIETM Customer Order Import           
FeatureEOOETM Sales Operator Output
FeatureEPIPurchase Order Import
FeatureEPOETM Purchase Orders (Output)
FeatureEQTETM Quotes                          
FeatureERAETM Remittance Advices (Output)
FeatureERIStock Receipt Import
FeatureESPEPC Special Products
FeatureFCYForeign Currency Purchasing
FeatureFECForward Exchange Contracts
FeatureFUTFuture Pricing
FeatureLOCStocking by Location
FeatureLOTLot Control
FeatureLOYLoyalty Magic                       
FeatureM10Mitre-10 Interface Activation Code
FeatureMFGFWO Manufacturing Feature
FeaturePAMPerformance Analysis Module
FeaturePCEProduct Catalogue Export
FeaturePOSEnhanced Point of Sale
FeaturePPIPrepaid Invoices
FeaturePSXProStix Activation code
FeatureRBIReport Builder Interface - redundant
FeatureRCSupplier Rebates at point of payment
FeatureREWReward Programs
FeatureRMSRebate Management System Export
FeatureSCCSupplier Credit Claims
FeatureSHRShareholder Register
FeatureSLMStock Level Management
FeatureVOLContract Volume Discounts
FergusSaltTrade Portal salt key to Fergus
FergusSkeyTrade Portal secret key to Fergus
FlandDefDrFarmland default dir location for csv
FlandMerchFarmlands Merchant Number as prefix
FldFtlDirDirectory location of FluidFatal logs
FldFtlEAddEmail address to send FLuidFatal logs
FrameDefault path to import Frame files from
framesDefault path to import files
freightgrpCalculate freight charge for ETM invoice
FreightInProduct code for Purchasing Freight
FreightPCProduct Code for Sales of Freight
FreightPC3Product Code for 3rd Party Freight Inward
GSPathPath to Ghostscript Batch File
GstChangeDate of GST rate change dd/mm/yy
GSTRegoGST Registration No.
IeftDebugIngenico Eftpos Trace
ImpCstAvgMethod for apportioning import costs
ImportMTMItek 2000 Interface
INVDayRordReorder Cycle Code -  reorder daily
InvEciaVwDefault view for ECIA Browser
InvExcessCAlgorithm for calculating the excess sto
InvMfgOhedProduct No. representing Mfg O/Head
InvPoPenProduct code for Supplier Penalty Surcharge
InvPoVarPCProduct code for P/O variances
InvPrefixAutoGen Product code Prefix
InvPrefixSAutogen Special Item product code prefix
InvPromPrcPromo import pricing rule
InvRebCst[Full], [Partial] or [Non] Rebated Costs
InvSpecGrpDefault Prod group for new Special Prods 
InvStkRordAlgorithm to use for stock reordering
InvTrtSandTreatment code for Sanding
InvTrtTrimTreatment code for Trimming
ITMDirExpExport Directory for ITM Priority Card Sales
ITMDirFTPDirectory for ITM FTP scripts
ITMEndDayCutoff time of Sale(HH:MM:SS)
ITMInvDirITM Invoice Path Import
JobSubmPthDirectory for Spool printing scripts
LblLogoPath for Product Label Logo file
LoyMessagePOS Loyalty card Message
M10InvFTPWhere are your M10 Export FTP Scripts?
mimeExtracMime Extractor Path
MISCPRODMiscellaneous Product for creditor inv.
MMExportMargin Master Export Directory
MMImportMargin Master Import Directory
NThostHost Name for NT Server                
NTNetwork Network Type                           
NTService Service name for archive database      
NuVuPrefixPrefix to Identify NuVu Printers
NuVuServerNet Address of NuVu Print Server
OrdCostDirAudit directory for sales re-costing
OrdDefDiscDefault discount group for sales
OrdInvSeqSequence Invoices by (B)ranch, (C)ust etc
OrdMinCstG.P Check Full Partial Non Rebated Costs
OrdRetModDiscount Module representing Retail
pamsumfromSummarise Pam From This Date
PAYInvDirDefault directory for SIA CSV Import
PDEBinLocPDE Type for Location Import (Format 1)
PDEDeviceWhat PDE device are you using?
PDEDolExpDolphin Export Program
PDEDolImpDolphin Import Program
PDEPOrderPDE Type for Purchase Orders (Format 1)
PDEPosPDE Type for POS (Format 1)
PDEReceiptPDE Type for Order Receipting (Format 1)
PDEStockTkPDE Type for Stock Take (Format 1)
PhocasDatePhocas Extract Default Date Last Sent
PhocasDatSPhocas Sales Extract Default Date
PosCashMACCash Sale Marketing Analysis Code
POSLMDfltLoyalty Magic Reward Program for Tender
PosMerchCredit Card Merchants No.
POSRHostHost Name for POS Redundant Up/Down loads
PosRndType10c Coin Rounding - Enter Up or Down
PosStarCutEscape code for Star Docket Cutting (Esc?)
POSurProdCredit Claim Surcharge Product Code
PriceOutptCustomer Price Listing Output Path
PriceParamCustomer Pricing Parameter File
PrintBoldEscape Code for Bold Printing
PrintCutEscape code name for POS paper Cutting
PrintDBoldEscape Code for Bold Double Height
PrintDrawEscape code name for POS drawer open
PrintGBoldEnter Esc.Code Name for Bold on GRA
PrintIBoldEscape Code for Bold on Invoices
PrintLBoldEscape Code for Bold Large
PrintQBoldEscape Code for Bold on Quotes
PrintSBoldEscape Code for Bold on Statements
PrntDayEndPrinter to use for End of Day Batch
RBIStatDirDirectory for RB Daemon Status Reports
RecDftInvFDefault for Invoice Freq for New Custs
ReworkDefault workflow for a Rework in Booking
ServiceDefault workflow for a Service in Booking
SGRDefLogsSugarCRM default directory logs
SGREAdressSugar default e-address for notification
SGRURLHostSugarCRM URL Host address
ShQuoteShowroom quote; SOP or Job
SigPathCltSignature Path on Client
SigPathNvSignature Path on Nuvu Server
SigPathSvrSignature Path on Server
SOPAccChgPProduct No. representing Accomodation Charge
SopDrctDelDespatch Method for Direct Delivery
SOPImpFrmtFormat for importing data to sales orders
SOPRndomDLRandomly Allocate Delivery Locs to Orders
SopSectHdrSection Header Marker in Comment Line 1
SOPSurProdCredit Note Surcharge Product Code
SOrdMinCodMinimum Order Surcharge Product
SysDemoDirWhere is your demo directory?
SysEftDirDirectory for Eftpos Work Fles
SysEFTTypeType of EFTPOS in use
SysMBCCDomDefault BCC domain
SysMenuSetWhich set of Prostix menus?
SysQryPthQuery Output Path
SysQrySvrQuery Server Name
SysQryURLQuery URL
SysRndGrpFrameworks Cash Rounding Product Group
SysScriptWhere are your PROSTIX Scripts?
SysTempDirWhere is your temporary directory?
SystemTypeType of ProStix system 
SysVUPDirWhere is your Prostix Version Update Dir
trussDefault path to import files
WebDumpDirectory for Web Customer Output Files
wsidpathDefault path to wsid.dat (NT only)

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