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I have staff who need the ability to access the Stock Data option for their relevant branch. I do not want the staff to have access to the other product maintenance options though. How can I set up the access to Stock Data only?

Screen print below shows the current Options menu for Product Maintenance including Branch Stock Data:


A customised menu option can be set up to give approved staff direct access to the Branch Stock Data option.

To set up the customised menu option, perform the following:

Check to ensure the Branch Stock Data program is currently defined in the Program Maintenance list

  1. From the ProStix Main Menu select "System Administration" then "Security" then "Define Programs"
  2. Check to see that program name invbstkdata.p is included in the list. If the program does not appear then press <F6> and add the program , with details as per screen print below.

Add the Branch Stock Data program to the relevant Program Security group(s)

1. From the ProStix Main Menu select "System Administration" then "Security" then "Program Security"

2. The Select Security Group screen will be displayed. Select the Group you wish to update, then press <enter>

3. The Program List (programs currently assigned to the security group) will be displayed. Press the down arrow key once , to move the cursor to highlight the aboutView program, then press <F6> (to add to the existing list).

4. The Program Selection screen will be displayed. Locate and highlight the program name invbstkdata.p , then press the <spacebar> to select the program, then <F1> to add to the Program List

5. The Security group now includes the Branch Stock Data program. Any USER ID that has been linked to the security group will now be able to access and run Branch Stock Data

Set up the custom menu option for Branch Stock Data

1. From the ProStix Main Menu select "System Administration" then "Configuration" then "Menu Maintenance"

2. The Menu Maintenance "Options" menu will be displayed. Select Standard Menus, then press <enter>. A warning message will then be displayed. Acknowledge by pressing the <spacebar>

3. Prompt will appear asking if you want to maintain the Express menu, leave answer as no, then <enter> to continue

4. The Menu Maintenance screen will then be displayed. Note that in appearance the Menu Maintenance screen is identical to the Normal menu screens. Select "Inventory Management" then press <enter>

5. The Inventory Management sub menu is then displayed. Press <F6> (to add new menu option)

6. The New Menu Item will be displayed. Set Menu Type as Program. Ad description as A. Branch Stock Data , then press <enter>

7. Set the Program name as invbstkdata.p then <F1> to save

8. The Menu Maintenance screen now shows the new Inventory Management option A. Branch Stock Data. Use <F4> to exit the Menu Maintenance screen

Note if any staff, that are not attached to the modified program security group(s), will get the error message "You are not authorised to perform this task" if they try to access the Branch Stock Data menu option.


Contact Sterland Support.