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PROBLEM:Customer ETM Invoice won't send from Invoice Enquiry nor Scheduled Invoice Send, why?
CAUSE:ETM Document setup with a specific branch


If you are working on a single branch system this will never occur but with multi branch, if you have a branch defined within Output Document Settings then ONLY invoices from that branch will successfully send using that document. In a truly multi branch system where customers trade with multiple branches, this needs to be set to zero which will allow all invoices to be sent regardless of branch.

To resolve this issue, perform the following:

1. In ProStix go to Electronic Trade Module, ETM Output Control, Output Document Settings

2.  Press <F1> to display list of documents types setup for ETM Scheduled send. Select the document type you are trying to send and Press <F7> to edit

3. Ensure that the Branch is set to Zero (000)

CHUI screenshot

4. Press <F1> until you are returned to the Output Document Settings screen to apply the changes.

If you are having trouble sending a scheduled ETM Invoice, make sure you can send it from Invoice Enquiry first. This is a simpler way of verifying that the ETM document is setup ready to go with correct licensing for the document type you are sending.


Contact Sterland Support.