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The Phocas GL Finance Cube allows for the output of financial data from Prostix for all companies in your Prostix database. The data is mapped by Phocas to produce financial reports including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports. This allows customersusing the Phocas BI tool to view Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet reports by company for the last 2 Financial Years (or whichever default extract date is defined in Prostix). Using the Phocas intuitive User Interface, a user can select a line on the P&L and then drill down into the transactions which make up the posting.

The extracts (gl_account.csv, gl_transactions.csv, and gl_budget.csv) are output from Prostix and then picked up by Phocas on a nightly basis. This then allows the Financial reporting data to be updated from the overnight extract.  The extract includes opening balance values for balance sheet accounts. 

(warning) The data that you view in Phocas is always reflective of the previous days financial postings. (warning)

(info) Note: Setup of the new Finance Cube is required by Phocas Technical services (for existing Phocas customers) however for any new Sterland Phocas customers, you will have the Sales, Inventory and GL cubes setup by default. Please contact Sterland Computing if you would like to find out more.

To setup the scheduled extract from Prostix to Phocas, perform the following:

1. From the Prostix Main Menu, select System Administration then Third Party Applications then BI Data Extracts then Manage Data Extracts (quick option: A A E then Manage Data Extracts).

2. Set the gl-chart, gl_transaction, and gl_budget extracts to Active = yes and Updates Only = no.

3. The scheduled Phocas extract will then run each night and will save the files to the Prostix/Dmp/Phocas directory where a scheduled synchronisation task will then copy the files to your Phocas hosted server. Phocas then perform a nightly build to update your financial reports based on the previous days financial movements/posting.

Example of the Phocas finance cube:

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