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The Make Payment option (from within the button on Sales Orders) allows you to make a deposit payment for COD (type C customers) or Cash Card customers (type D customers) only. This option is not available for account customers.

To tender a deposit payment for cash or COD customers via a Sales Order, perform the following:

1. Create or maintain a Sales Order as normal. Refer to Creating a Sales Order and/or Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order for further information.

2. After you have processed the sales order, click then .

3. Select the tender type, then type the amount paid, then click to tender the payment. Refer to the link below for an explanation of these fields and values.

 Tendering the deposit


(warning) The Account field and button are only activated if the tendering is for an Account Customer. Please ignore this field.

Tender Type

Select the tender type received via the drop down selection .

(info) Refer to the System Flag link above for information relating to the FWTenBlnk system flag.

 Example Tender Type screen

(info) If you select the Cash tender type, the figure is rounded to the nearest 5 cents. All other tender types default to the value typed in the Amount field (located beside the Tender Type field.

(info) If Cheque is an available Tender Type option, you are also required to type in the Bank Name, Branch Name, Drawer Name, Cheque Number and Approval fields.

(info) If a Credit Card is selected and you are running Integrated EFTPOS you will be prompted to use the EFTPOS machine during each separate Credit Card tender selection.

(info) If a Rewards Program is available and selected, follow the prompts for points allocations.


Type the amount being paid.
Order ValueAuto calculated. Displays the total value of the Sales Order.
Deposit RequiredAuto calculated. Displays the deposit required based on the Default Deposit $ and Deposit % Required fields in the Company settings. For example, pay $100 or pay a percentage. Refer to Adding a New Company for further information.
Already ReceivedAuto calculated. Displays the amount already received if applicable.
Remaining DepositAuto calculated. Displays the remaining outstanding amount to be paid.
To PayAuto calculated. This is the total amount to be paid.
Total TenderedAuto calculated. This is the total of the tendered amounts to date.
OutstandingAuto calculated. This is the remaining amount to be tendered.
Change DueAuto calculated. This is the change due to the customer.

(tick) If you wish to cancel a payment tendered, close the Tendering window and re-open it.

4. When fully tendered, click .

5. A cash receipt is then produced for the customers records. Provide this to the customer.